The right anchor text distribution for good SEO

The Key to ranking high in Google after the Panda and Penguin updates comes down to 2 main factors, the type of content and backlinks you are getting and the best possible distribution of anchor text across this backlink profile. Here I share the secret to the latter

The Anatomy of a Guest Post Proposal

by Alex on January 30, 2014

dumbest guest post proposals ever

The longer you blog the more you will receive email requests from other bloggers and webmasters asking for permission to contribute to your site, but what amazes amuses me is how ridiculously and terribly bad the majority of these emails are. As such it gives me great joy to break down the typical guest post […]

increase sales on your ecommerce site with a product recommendation engine

A website optimization technique that has grown in popularity is that of product recommendation engines. If you’re not sure how and if a product recommendation engine can benefit your business, read on to understand better what it means and how it can be used…

free keyword tool and how to use it

Trying to figure out which keywords you should be targeting can be quite a pain without the right tools. So in this article we will go over the Google keyword tool that you can use for free. Although there are plenty of tools out on the internet to help you with your search engine optimization, […]

Right Brain Thinking will get you more local seo work

Today I wanted to share with you one of the easiest and quickest ways of landing local clients, whether it be to provide SEO, consulting, web design or all of the above.
Ironically, even though SEO and online marketing is all about analysing data and other left brain activities, actually finding the clients in the first place requires a whole lot of right brain action. Let’s get creative then…

Empower Network and MLM and why they are all ponzi douche bags

This is a post about Multi Level Marketing (MLM) systems, and why newbies to internet marketing are some of the stupidest (read: Ignorant) people to ever enter the workforce.
To be honest, this whole post is actually directed at Empower Network, and the fucking idiots I have to deal with on social media day in and day out.

7 signs your blogging a dead horse

Today we discuss the 7 obvious signs that you are ‘blogging a dead horse’ as it were – and how to snap out of this procedure so you can start to break some new ground.

brand names in your domain and the legal implications

An in-depth look at brand names in your URL and whether a subdomain is a legal alternative and the implications of doing so.

the carpark theory will increase your CTR dramatically

Give people more than two options and they freak out. Hold their hand and show them where to go and they’ll end up thanking you for it.
It’s the Carpark theory baby yeah!

choosing a domain name in 2013

“No Pandas or Penguins were angered during the creation of this domain name” … And Now Google Loves Me!