7 Signs You’re Blogging a Dead Horse.

by Alex on April 7, 2013

7 signs your blogging a dead horse

Blogging is dead! Authority ROI is… oh hang on, I’m not Ryan Deiss. My bad

Ahem… Ok let’s try that again shall we.

Blogging as we know it.. well as I know it at least, has changed dramatically in the last year or so and yet I find myself still following the same ‘blogging patterns’ that I adopted when I first started all those years ago.

Isn’t doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result one of the definitions of insanity? 

Something has to change, I mean there is only so much flogging that a dead horse can take right? With this in mind I wanted to discuss the 7 obvious signs that you are ‘blogging a dead horse’ as it were – and how to snap out of this procedure so you can start to break some new ground.


Sign #1 – You choose to utilise the #7

What is it with the number 7? I really enjoy world history, and in this regard the number 7 holds great significance – and for some reason this significance has found its way online too. Granted the number 7 has been proven to improve sales ($57 for some strange reason is worth far more than the $2 increase to $59 in terms of sales and conversions – go figure) but is that any reason to choose it when writing a post?

In this case NO, I have now gone and made myself work harder to find 7 valid reasons why you need to evaluate your blogs direction. Go me?!

Sign #2 – Your subscriber count has been increasing at an ever decreasing rate

If your visitors and occasional readers are no longer subscribing to your list or adding you to their G+ circles then isn’t it time you asked why? Nothing against your writing style or your blog design surely – but your content is obviously not cutting edge like it used to be.

Sign #3 – You still have an RSS Feed

The second sign is a decrease in subscribers, but if that decrease is in your RSS count too then you just killed two birds with one stone. RSS Feeds are becoming more and more defunct, with social services like Google Plus, Facebook and Google Circles providing a much more interactive experience for visitors to read and share your content.
When was the last time you checked your Google reader? I rest my case

Sign #4 – You Are still writing about Making Money Blogging

In 2009 people still believed you could make money blogging. I always knew this was not the case, (read this post) but still people persisted. By 2011 the realisation that making money by blogging was probably the slowest and most unrealistic way of generating an online income was beginning to sink in. The truth is that money can be made blogging – great money, but this is an indirect result of what you do through your blog (affiliate marketing, branding, product creation etc) and the blog itself was just the ‘shop window’ as it were.

 Sign #5 – You still rely on commenting as your primary method of driving traffic to your blog

Don’t get me wrong, blog commenting is an incredibly effective way of driving traffic and building your ‘brand’ in the blogosphere, but now that social media is such a huge part of it you need to embrace it.
Over the last few months I have made a huge effort to be active on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ and I am getting better traction than commenting could ever do. The advantages to this engagement is that you can share the post/article through social channels AND make your meaningfull comment at the same time. Not only this, you can tag the author him/herself and hashtag relevant keywords. This helps get you the attention you want from the blog owner AND helps cement your place as someone who is ‘in touch’ with that particular niche.

Sign #6 – You have the same affiliate links on your site that you started with.

Affiliate links are important for bloggers -it’s what we do after all 😉 but what you promote is key. If you have been advertising the same affiliate offers in your sidebar and/or blog posts despite the click through rates being dismal at best then you are definitely flogging a dead horse with your advertising. Take some time to see what posts are being read the most and what keywords people are finding those posts with so you can find the right affiliate offers to match their interests.
At the very least, change them up and test out various offers – in different positions.

And for the love of God – get rid of that Adsense block!

Sign #7 – You have not optimised your Meta tags or sitewide keywords …EVER

I am sure you did the most thorough keyword research known to man when you first launched your blog, optimising your home page and each category with the most searched and relevant key phrases you could find.
Have you done that since?
How much traffic are you losing because of this one simple tweak? And are your keywords even relevant anymore? (make money blogging ring a bell? 😉 )

Einstein defines Insanity


Blogging, like any online pursuit requires constant work, with the job of tweaking and optimising being a constant – but often as bloggers we become complacent and forget the most obvious things. Isn’t it time you gave yourself the focus you have been giving to every other blog and really looked at where you are heading now, because I’ll bet you my next affiliate check that it has changed somewhat, maybe even drastically.


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