Want a Better Blog in 2011? Then Shut Up and Listen! I’m Not Going to Repeat Myself.

by Alex on January 6, 2011

how not to build a better blog in 2011

I could write a thousand points/posts on how to build a better blog but I think it’s easier if I just tell you what not to do. Even that is a bit forceful, so how about I introduce you to three blogging stereotypes, and ask – no plead that you do not follow in their footsteps, engage with them, borrow their Lawnmower, or ask to use their fridge to store your old Collection of Wham LP’s.
Just. Stay. Away.

Don’t do this and you are well on your way to building a better blog.

See, how easy is that!?

3 People I Want You To Meet, and That You Need to Avoid Like the Plague!

The Sensitive New Age Bloggerbitching gets you nowhere when blogging

Newbie Bloggers be warned: The time you spend in the blogosphere becomes almost like another life – with a whole new range of friends and colleagues that you interact with on a daily basis, and this life can get complicated very easily, especially when everyone is talking at once.

Conversation is an integral part of Blogging but you need to remember that it’s just that – conversation.

The Sensitive New Age Blogger is a little anxious, perhaps a little too needy of the social interaction – and he checks up on the comments he has left to see if they have been replied to. He is also well aware of who has and has not commented on his blog – and well, takes things a little too personally.

Just because I don’t talk to you, doesn’t mean I don’t like you!?!

If someone comments on my Blog then I always make an effort to go and visit their blog in return. If I feel that there is something of value that I can add, then I add it. If not then I may share the post instead, but again I may not. If I don’t comment – GET OVER IT!

On the flip side – if I comment on someone’s Blog and I never see or hear from them again then I really don’t care. There are probably a number of reasons why they did not get back to me, none of which I can imagine are a personal attack on me or my character!?! But Blogging makes you forget the logical side of conversation for some reason.

Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and get back to work! … And hey, don’t get upset with me, I’m just trying to help you in your Business. It’s nothing personal.

dont listen to those bloggers who whinge and bitch

How to Avoid The Sensitive New Age Blogger

Give yourself an uppercut and remind yourself that this is not HighSchool, and as much as you think otherwise, it’s not always all about you.

The ‘GroundHog Day’ Blogger

Dont turn the blogosphere into groundhog dayWe’ve all seen the movie with Bill Murray, and we have all loved it (love it or rue this day!) but I think it’s best kept to the Big Screen. If you are going to post the same information day in and day out then I am going to get tired very quickly. Granted you change the titles, and technically you talk about a different element to it – but invariably it’s the same information you are giving me, and unless Bill Murray makes an appearance I am NOT going to stick around for long.

I used to always forget what I was saying (I still do) and my Mum used to say ‘If you can’t remember what it is you were going to tell me then it could not have been that important’

Typical Mother talk if you ask me – designed to be both profound and highly irritating at the same time, but there is a lesson here.

If You Can’t think of what to write about on your Blog, and the only way you can come up with something is to read a post about how to come up with what to write about (?)–then clearly whatever you eventually have to say is not worth talking about in the first place.shut up unless you have something valid to say

If you want to come up with Killer Content then do.

No that is not a grammatical oversight, it’s the answer to the question. If you take action, then you are doing, and if you are doing then you will ALWAYS have something to write about.

You want to post more frequently?  Do more.

I can almost guarantee that you will build your list, grow your feed, and increase your earnings faster by posting genuinely helpful content that is borne from action. People see through the crap – c’mon. Don’t tell me you don’t – and when they see action being taken – they follow. Simple as that.

How to Avoid the GroundHog Day Blogger:

  • Do something every day that is both quantifiable and directly relates to the growth of your business.
  • Say something only when you have something to say

The Comparative Blogger

Bloggers comparing one another

Don't get too caught up in the Comparison Game

This is the most dangerous Blogger of all, and becoming one can be your downfall. It is OK to compare your Blog and the progress you have made with those around you, in fact it is healthy and I strongly recommend you do so, but there is a fine line that you must not cross.

When you Compare yourself with another Blog it is natural to pick out the short comings on your own blog and start to scrutinize over every little detail. This can get dangerous because you are no longer looking at things in context, but rather as a direct competition between you and them. Take this further and it can get to a point where you lose faith in your own efforts and give up completely!

How to Avoid the Comparative Blogger

  • Remember that every circumstance is different, and no two people are the same. (apples and oranges baby!)
  • Compare away, but always keep the big picture in mind.
  • Stop Focusing on the Negative –Just look at what you have accomplished already!!
  • For every Blog you find that is ‘better than yours’, there are 15,863.5* that are not
    *this figure may not be accurate at the time of printing, in fact seeing as it is actually the barcode from a packet of Salt and Vinegar Chips I highly doubt it is even accurate now.


inject personality into your blogging

Why do you remember Austin Powers so well?

Blogging for bloggers is one of those niches where the content is always going to be similar, in fact it is fair to say that this is the case in every niche – but if you can post engaging content that is based on your own personal learned experience, and you can inject a little personality into it – then honesetly, the rest will figure itself out. Sure it helps to give your content a ‘push’ sometimes, but if it is engaging, honest, and teaches me something then I will subscribe. More importantly, I will tell my friends about you.  Build a Better Blog in 2011…

Be Unique, Be Engaging, Be You!*

*If You happens to be someone who: Has high blood pressure, repeats themselves, and thinks being unique means cranking up the Article Spinner to a huge 38% spin rate then ummm, …don’t be You.

Despite the Title, feel free to ‘not shut up’ in the space below – any other bloggers you know of that I should avoid? (no names please LOL)

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