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by Alex on January 1, 2011

Like where the keyword blogger is heading in 2011

I debated whether the Title should have a question mark or not, because what I secretly want you to do is ‘Like’ my new FaceBook Page, but since that would come across as perhaps too forceful – I did not want to go that route. Besides, commentLuv does not pickup questions marks (have you noticed?) so it will look for all intents and purposes like I am making a request every time I make a comment.

Perfect :)

First of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year from Alex

2011 is upon us already and I for one cannot believe how quickly 2010 flew by. Harrison will be 3 in a few months! I mean – whoa! That certainly puts it into perspective for me.

With a New Year Comes a New Direction

niche site guy reminds me of Duff man

"New Directions Make Duff Man Go Oh Yeah!...DuffMan"

I started this Blog in February of 2010, so it is coming close to a year old now – and in that time I have established myself as the Keyword and Niche Site Marketing Blogger. I also somehow lost the Niche Site Marketing Bit in most instances because of a combination of Laziness and most feeds inability to pick up that many characters, but that’s neither here nor there.
Well now that 2011 is here it is time to shed that title and begin the transformation no, Metamorphosis! Into the Niche Site Guy. (OK not THAT precisely. In fact, not that at all! Makes me think of DuffMan or something… “Niche Sites, Oooh yeahhhh!”)

Where was I? Oh yeah; So without further ado I give you –

Build | Rank | Profit

You may have already noticed that I have started to make some small changes to my Blog, and one of these changes includes the addition of a Like Facebook Plugin (see it on the right hand sidebar – and click Like if you would be so kind :) )I am also waiting on a new Skin I am getting customised for Thesis . The reason I am still waiting is because I have a new logo being designed as we speak (by LogoNerds who kindly contributed this service as one of the prizes for winning the TechnShare Guest Post Contest)

Teaching you how to build, rank and profit from niche sites

Sneak peek at new Logo Design and Tagline

All of the changes are simply to keep in line with both the new Tagline and the new colour scheme. The Post Schedule and general Make Money Online niche will remain much the same, but as my own Niche Site Empire grows, the content on my blog will focus around its resulting successes, failures and everything in between. Keyword Research and SEO will still feature heavily because as you know, you can’t Build, Rank or Profit from a Niche Site without them!

Plans | Goals for 2011 include:

  • A New E-Course that will provide a Step by Step Guide to Building, Ranking and Ultimately – Profiting from a Niche Site.
    This will be provided through Aweber as an email follow up series to those who subscribe – but those already on my list will receive it in a .pdf format
  • Bringing the Focus Back to the Niche Sites themselves
    This does not mean less for you. On Cont-rare mon ami. This means more focused content for you.
  • Building BuRP! Consulting – a Sydney Based SEO Company.
    Recently I started my own SEO Company, BuRP! Consulting – and this name BuRP! was derived from the acronym: Build | Rank | Profit.
  • Becoming more Active in the Blogosphere
    I may not Comment, but if I like it I will share it – and as a moderator over at I am always on the lookout for quality content.
  • Learn some Technical HTMLPhpCss (Pronounced: Hutamulla-fipakuss)!
    The one thing that has held me back all year is my inability to get my head around the technical side to blogging. It’s time to Code Up!
  • Jump on the Facebook Bandwagon
    It starts with this new page and so begins my foray into the world of Facebook. (without a Farm or a War) I intend on actively engaging with my readers on the page and using it to build the profile of both Alex Whalley the Brand and BuRP! Consulting the Company.

So What Do You Think?

tell me what you think about my new blog directionThe first thing I should ask is Do you Like it? If so then I think we are far enough down the page now that the new Like Widget is just about level with us to the right :) How convenient. I mean – “Please Like Me” (pathetic enough?)

  • Do you like where this Blog is heading in 2011?
  • What Do You Think of the (potential 0f) the new look?
  • Do You have any Major Plans for your own blogging in 2011?
  • How do you fold a fitted sheet? (I Mean Honestly?!)


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