OK Blogger – What Are You Really Doing With Your Time? (FREE PIE!)

by Alex on September 13, 2011

photocopying your head is NOT effective time management

As a Blogger, or any type of Internet Marketer for that matter it is essential that you learn how to manage your time.

Over the years I have gained many skills and picked up a lot of really useful tips -but the one thing that I continue to struggle with (much like everyone else) is TIME*.
*Whoever thought that 24 hours in day was going to be sufficient?! And Why can’t I outsource Sleep to someone on ODesk?

 Effective Time Management is KEY to any successful business – and don’t let anyone tell you different.
OK good, now that that is out of the way – let’s get down to the business of blogging.

(The link above takes you to a YouTube Video (90+minutes) by David Allen – talking about Effective Time Management and his world famous book ‘Getting Things Done’. I highly recommend both the video and the actual book)

What The F%*@ is a Blog Anyway?

I touched briefly on the ambiguous nature that is blogging during my recent (and highly talked about) post at the Traffic Generation Cafe. (Link – 7 Signs You’ve Been Blogging Too Long) and if you have not had a chance to read it then I strongly recommend that you do. If you enjoy a laugh whilst learning something at the same time then this post is for you! (I may be bias here but 100+ comments with the words ‘LOL’ in them kind of supports my modesty 😉 )

So anyway, where were we… Oh yeah – defining a blog.

A Blog is the Shop or StoreFront you own and maintain – through which you sell and promote all your related goods and services.

There are thousands of profitable niches online and there are hundered of ways you can actually ‘blog’ per se but for the sake of simplicity – and this post – a Blog is a Storefront. Got It? OK, Good.

Blogging is Easy!*

After creating the initial Pie Chart indicating what a Blogger should be doing with their time I realised that the process of ‘blogging’ is actually rather straight forward and eerily simple. It’s us blog owners that go and confuse matters with plugins and processes – Widgets and Whats-a-ma-jigs.

With the knowledge that Blogging is easy* – let’s take a look at how we SHOULD be spending our time:
*Blogging is Easy, making money from it however is an entirely different story 😉

how a blog owner should spend their marketing time Let’s take a look at what all this *might actually entail.

Creating Killer Content
Writing Epic Shit basically. I can tell you now unequivocally and without question – nothing brings more traffic and links to my site than a really good post. End of story, thanks for coming – see you bye!

Distributing Said Content.
Making a conscious effort to leverage your content in new and unique ways is the key.
Each time you leverage your content you need to ask yourself whether this will help it to reach an entirely new audience. This means :-

  • Re-purposing the content into new forms of media (eg audio and video) thus extending your reach and influence
  • Finding new ‘Networks’ and blogging communities to get involved with. There’s only so much you can do when commenting on the same bunch of blogs!

Blog Networking
As above, making a conscious effort to extend your reach and influence to include new communities and networks is the key to really leaving an impact on the web.

Engaging on Social Media Sites.
Now sites like Facebook and LinkedIn play a huge role in how you extend your reach and influence. Actively engaging and promoting yourself in these places is therefore extremely important. Relevance is a big part of Influence – and it’s hard to be relevant if you’re not social!

Building Your Brand
This includes activities related to your blog/persona/business/brand. Whether it’s the technical aspects of making things look the way you want or it’s creating an eBook to sell/giveaway, your Shopfront is a big part of your longevity online so building the brand that is associated with this is paramount.

Like I said – eerily simple… right?

Unfortunately life does not always imitate art, and what actually happens is a far cry from what is supposed to happen…

Effective time management and Blogging do not mix

Effective time management and Blogging do NOT mix

 How much can you relate?

Let me know what you think by commenting below :)

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