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by Alex on August 13, 2010

threadless thursday - the niche site marketing blog

Welcome to the second instalment of Threadless Thursday, and the second time it has been posted on a Friday. Perhaps I should have called it ‘Frazzled Friday’ because it certainly feels that way by the time the end of the week rolls in. So what has the Keyword Research Blogger been up to this last week and what is he planning on doing? (Apart from addressing himself in the third person of course)

I finally installed Keyword Luv! Can’t believe it took the keyword research blog this long to add it but there you go… all sorted now. This blog is now a do follow blog running both comment Luv AND Keyword Luv meaning there is now officially no reason to leave without commenting :)

Update to List Joe (email marketing service) mail out from ebook launch

list joe is pointless blog activityRemember I talked about ListJoe, the service that allowed you to send out emails to 1000’s of other marketers, well – it was the biggest waste of time ever. 4000 emails sent out, 2 people signed up to my list. Time spent clicking to get points in the first place: oh, about an hour. Moral of the story: DON’T BOTHER. Yeah you could have told me that before, and I would have concurred, but now we know for sure at least.

Ranking for a new primary keyword

how to rank for keywordsI decided that since I am quite entrenched on the first page of Google for the keyphrase ‘Keyword Research Blog’ that I would also make a conscious effort to rank for ‘niche site marketing’ since that is the other side to this blog’s niche, but when I checked the results I am already ranked 5th out of 8million competing pages, so obviously I did something right throughout the process of ranking for ‘keyword research blog’. Just goes to show the power of blog commenting, because that is the only action I have personally taken to make sure there were consistent backlinks optimized for ‘niche site marketing’. I have done no other link building exercises, at least not for this blog. (which reminds me, I really should!)

Involved in the 100 comments challenge100commentschallenge

There is this new challenge that is being promoted within the blogosphere to see if you can generate 100 comments, and I think this is a fantastic idea from Steve King and Jacinta Dean. I actually heard about it through Barry Wells, and he is so actively participating that I say he is your go to guy for any questions or enquiries.(image on right links you to his page)  Oh btw, I checked and the 100 comments have to be actual comments, not replies, trackbacks, tweets, pings, nor  a partridge in a pear tree. Just 100 different people leaving a comment! I better write a bloody good post I think.

I now teach the Tech n’ Share the love too

Ok that was my lame attempt to get TechnShare into the title because Devesh my young Indian blogging friend has been killing it over at the TNS Blog, building his own community and generating traffic that makes his blog look like it was the female restroom at a Justin Bieber concert (not that I would ever  go into the ladies toilet…or a Justin Bieber concert for that matter!). Lucky for me though Dev likes my style and has asked me to come and join the team of writers he is creating over there. Guest blogging is a fantastic way to generate traffic and so it’s with great pleasure that I take on the role and let Dev go to all the efforts of getting my traffic for me from now on. :)

Check out my guest post links on the left hand sidebar and be sure to check out TechnShare every Wednesday for my latest post.

To infinity and beyond

blogging to infinity and beyondI have not had a chance to do much blog hopping this week, in fact I have not had much chance to do ANYTHING this week, so there will not be any link love coming today , in fact there is going to be some slowing down occurring here at the Keyword Research and Niche Site Marketing blog because I have big plans and things are really starting to move forward in leaps and bounds!

As you know I make my income online through niche site marketing (ummm really Alex) and lately I have seen my income take a dive as I have been concentrating all my efforts on blogging, building my brand, and writing my ebook. The irony of this is that if I keep focusing on building my brand, it will be built on nothing but the crumbling remains of what was once a profitable niche marketing system, so with this in mind – it’s time I refocused my energy on where it really counts – the business. There is an entire post within this ‘lesson’ that I am constantly learning, because finding the balance between the money making side of things and the ‘creating longevity’ side of things is really really important, and even harder to get right. Needless to say, it’s time I focused back to what is important now, and that just happens to be making money.

Backlinking baby, yeah!

Austin powers loves backlinks babyMy latest post over at TechnShare, titled The Bloggers guide to Social Bookmarking is just the start of what will be a series of posts uncovering the ins and outs of backlinks, how to build them, where to build them, and of course how the keyword research (AND niche site marketing) blogger can help. Oh, and I just discovered the COOLEST tool to help you with your social bookmarking. Let me play with it to make sure I don’t break it, then, if you’re on my list I’ll let you in on it too. (I’ve found some pretty cool resources lately, if I don’t say so myself :) )

I have also been dabbling in some web 2.0 properties to build backlinks, making some progress with forum marketing to build even more backlinks, and of course the article marketing. My niche sites are starting to generate consistent cash flow again and I have set myself the challenge of building and monetizing another 10 by the end of next month, so it’s game time!

You will still see me posting weekly here, even it if is just a progress report or something cool I found on the interglobalmegahyperweb, and I will still be posting regularly at TechnShare on Wednesday  and theInfoPreneur on Sundays. In fact, now that it’s all written down like that, saying that I am slowing my blogging down is really an indictment of how much I was actually doing before!

Stay tuned, things are just starting to heat up around here!

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