How To Get Facebook To Help You Build Your Email List.

by Alex on May 20, 2011

WPSubscribers List Building Plugin with Facebook Integration

Holy Crap this thing’s brilliant!

Last week I received a copy of WP Subscribers, a new WordPress plugin designed to help bloggers increase their email subscriber lists -and OMG! I think the game just changed.

OK so I don’t even know what that phrase means, but what I do know is this. The arrival of this plugin is going to put the two biggest selling list building related plugins straight out of business. But more on that in a bit, let’s get straight to the best bit:

(The Best bit is that it’s only $47! – at the moment anyway)

Leveraging Facebook

WPSubscribers plugin integrates with Facebook to build your list

Facebook helping me build my list? I 'Like' that


Probably the best feature of this plugin is the ability to link your autoresponder account with your Facebook account. What this effectively does is create a portal from Facebook to your email list, so that instead of asking readers to give you a name and an email address in order to get your awesome gift and join your list you are simply asking them to ‘Connect’. The Plugin then gets the email address and name from Facebook, adds them to your list and promptly sends them the confirmation and/or thankyou email.

This is an especially awesome feature because it removes the friction that comes with asking a reader for their personal details. Instead it is asking them to connect through a brand they are familar with and a name they trust. What better way to build your email list than with the help of the brand that is Facebook!?!

Converting readers into subscribers is easy when the final hurdle is removed!

Furthermore, you can put this Facebook Connect button anywhere you want, either directly into a post, like so:

Get Instant Access

Or you can also add this button to all of your custom Opt-In boxes, and the control WP Subscribers givesĀ  you over your Opt-In boxes is where the fun really begins…

Put Your Opt-In Box Anywhere!

You’ve already noticed the pop-up window that appeared 20 seconds into this post, and as I stated in the pop up window itself, that particular opt-in box will only ever appear on this post. The highly configurable nature of WP-Subscribers allows you to not only create a variety of different opt-in box designs but to then put those opt-in boxes where you want, including:

  • Permanently across the header (like my ViperChill bar currently is doing)
  • Permanently across the footer (footerbar)
  • Pop-up across the bottom footer
  • Pop-up full screen
  • Exit Pop-Ups (multiple, and full redirect control)
  • In the Sidebar (comes widget enabled)
  • In any post or page you want (and anywhere on that page you want)

Then Control Where and How it Displays.

The Best Part is that not only can you integrate opt-in forms and pop-up windows with complete ease and to any part of your site, you can then control exactly where it will be displayed. With WP Subscribers you can build your pop-up opt-in form and then set it to appear for:

  • The Front Page Only
  • Specific Pages Only
  • One or Multiple Categories
  • After a specific number of pageviews
  • Specific Posts (each post gives you the option to display a number of different Pop-up opt-in forms)

Go to the end of this post to see the in content post opt-in box that I have added. Again I can set this to become my signature on all posts, a specific category – or just this post.

And That’s Just the Beginning…

Get your copy of WP Subscribers Plugin today!

I’m still playing with this plugin and learning about all the cool new features it has, but one of these features, the ability to create a ‘Subscribe on Comments’ checkbox to your comments area also happens to be the main function of one of the best selling list building plugins around – MaxBlogPress’s Subscriber Magnet – which is a great plugin in its own right, but WP-Suscribers offers this as just a mere feature!

There’s other stuff too, like the ability to configure those pop-ups to show another website in them (think of the possibilities there!) or you can set a redirect after commenting – to anywhere. There’s probably a lot more that I missed and even more that I am yet to discover, but in a nutshell…

What do I Personally Like About WPSubscribers Plugin?

  • I like that I finally have control over where I put my opt in forms, and who they are displayed to.
  • I like how much control I actually have, with so many elements!
  • I like that I can do all this without any technical knowledge required.
  • I like that I can build my list with a Facebook Connect button instead of the typical name/email request.
  • I like the user interface and the support provided in the members area (great help when I was setting all this up)

What do I Personally Dislike About WPSubscribers Plugin?

  • The User Interface, although easy to navigate and learn, did take a little getting used to.
  • The HTML codes you need to place the forms in specific places (in posts) are not available where you need them, so you really have to cut and paste your selection into a text file before you start
  • You cannot remove the email/name submit fields from any of the opt in forms except the footer one, meaning if you want to add the Facebook Connect button you are still going to have the name and email fields there*

*On this note, and scoring another point for the ‘what I like about’ camp – I have spoken with the developers about this as I feel it is a serious oversight on there par (it defeats the purpose of the button, that being to remove the friction of asking for personal details). They have taken this on board and feel it is something that needs to be fixed asap. I expect a future update to resolve this issue.

Summary of WPSubscribers WordPress Plugin.

I have seen my fair share of List Building Plugins, and to be honest, the only reason I used them was because it made integrating my Autoresponder with my blog easy. This Plugin is obviously no different in that regard, but where it does stand out is in its ability to connect with Facebook to help you build your list. The ability to add opt in forms to any part of your site and the incredible control you have over each and every element make this plugin well worth the $47 they are asking for it, but to be honest, I am only focusing on the Facebook aspect and the potential this has. For $47 that function alone is a bargain. All the other things are just a bonus as far as I am concerned.

Check out WPSubscribers Now and take your list building to a whole new level!

Get your copy of WP Subscribers Plugin today!

And a look at another custom Opt-in form:

[wps_custom_form id=0]


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