Blogaholic? 3 Signs You’re Losing Focus and How to Get Back on the Wagon.

by Guest on June 30, 2011

are you addicted to blogging. blogaholic

This is a guest post from Jane Sheeba of You can read the full bio at the end of this awesome post, a post that had she not contributed I most definitely would have written myself!
Well said Jane, I could not agree more.

You are running an online home based business. It could be a blog or a website that offers services, sells products whatever! It is required by some unwritten law that you put enough hours and effort on to your “web property” to really succeed.

As with any business, online businesses have their own challenges. It is not about the business, not about your customers, but about YOU.

Hard to take? Yup, truth is usually bitter.

To get my point out clear, in this post I will assume that your online business is blogging. And one of the main challenges to you is INFORMATION.

Ya you heard it right. You need information to blog, but there is a lot more available than you actually need. And you are being tricked by most of it.

You Need the RIGHT information to succeed online

The Key to Success is... in here somewhere.



When you yield to it, you end up getting too nosy and bother too much about others business and properly not minding your own. When that happens you lag behind on everything that pertains to your blog (like publishing posts, working on products, blog promotion, social media engagement and so on).

Here are three clear signs that you’ve fallen off the wagon (so to speak).

You are on social media 24/7

Addicted to social media a little too much?Don’t get me wrong! Social media interaction is one of the most essential parts of blogging. It is because, you cannot blog alone in this world! You need to build genuine and long lasting relationships for which social media sites are a great place to hang out.

First of all 90% of the online crowd is there, so you need to really get there if you want your blog to be broadcast to the masses. Second, you have to build relationship with people and social media is one of the highest working options for this goal. You meet a lot of people, exchange valuable stuff, promote each other, provide feedback, listen, learn, criticize and so on.

It is all overwhelming, amidst your everyday blogging schedule.

But then there is a thin line between building relationships and promoting your blog AND being nosy about other’s business. When you are on social media all the time and keep on clicking others’ links, then you are being nosy.

You are there on a purpose. I am not saying that you should be broadcasting only your business. You have to share anything that is valuable to your followers/friends.

At the same time you should not go on a 24/7 hunt for valuable information and should not enjoy the comfort of doing nothing but reading and reading other’s stuff, tweeting, replying to tweets – you know it’s a vicious circle you can never get off and you never want to.

Edit: Brankica of recently posted a hilarious infographic that pokes fun at the ‘day in the life of a Twitter addict’. Not only is it hilarious, it’s surprisingly accurate too (probbably the reason why its so funny!) I strongly recommend you check it out (and then come back of  course) Here is the link: Morning of a Twitter Addict (infographic)

You are overwhelmed with commenting on other blogs

blog commenting getting too much?Blog commenting is a great way to build relationship in the blogosphere and to build backlinks. Not to mention, though this task takes much time to systematically find out target blogs in the niche, organize them somewhere like on a reader, read through the posts, and leave “valuable” comments.

But then you should not miss the point. Your blogging business is about what YOU provide your customers with and not about how you are engaging with the others; even though that is part of the equation, your customers don’t care about it.

So if you are blog hopping all day and only get back to your screen to write your blog post when it is already mid night, your nose is getting long.

You compare yourself with a 6 figure blogger

It's like...

OOPS! That is none of your business actually. You can take a six figure blogger as an example and as a base to your motivation. But just reading his/her blog all the time will get you nowhere.

Not just blogs, but the income reports! No offense on bloggers who release those, but does the blogosphere “treat” those reports in the way they have to be treated? Certainly a big no!

Income reports or success stories can motivate you. But you can’t be reading that kind of stuff always and dream about publishing your six figure income report one day.

You have to DO your own business to succeed. Those A-Listers have succeeded because they worked hard and you can succeed only if you work harder(whoops, I meant smarter actually!); not less and certainly not just by watching others.


In short, when you happen to sense any of these signs that indicate you are getting lost, just back off. Shut everything down, cut off all input and focus. Your blog needs you and YOU have to take action.

Mind your own business, in other words.

Jane writes about Blogging Tips, Relationships and Self Improvement at her blog Find All Answers. She offers two free ebooks “Problogging for Newbies” and “Your Guide To Better Time Management”. She has a successful guest posting strategy. You can follow her on Twitter (@janesheeba).


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