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The 30 Day Article Marketing Challenge.

by Alex on March 15, 2011

Today marks the beginning of what is honestly going to be the Ultimate Article Marketing Experiment in the history of … article marketing experiments!

The Goal.

I use Article Marketing as one of the main SEO tools when I build and rank a niche site but I never use it on it’s own. The question I want to know is, Does Article Marketing work on it’s own? – and how effective is it (really?)
I also want to find out if Unique Article Wizard works. This may be an article marketing challenge, but secretly this is the best damned review of UAW you are ever going to get, because once the month is over, either you will want to use it too, or I won’t want to use it anymore. Either way, everyone wins!!

But first, a little bit of the back story…

The Tool/Service

One of the few services that I use that incurs a monthly fee is a well known tool/service (call it what you will) called Unique Article Wizard. It costs me $67 each month and for that I get any article I submit through them spun and sent to hundreds of blogs and article directories. Each article will be posted roughly 500 times to various sites, and from this I usually get at least 200 of those links indexed by Google. I could go and Ping the rest of them (the URLs and a full report are provided by UAW) but quite frankly, I don’t.

Unique Article Wizard, or UAW as I will now refer to it – is one of the most heavily used and highly respected Article Spinning and Submission services, and is Used by many well known Internet Marketers and Bloggers, like Pat Flynn for example, who actually showed his readers how he incorporates it into his overall link building process.
The video from Pat has a few holes in it SEO wise, but considering what the average blogger knows of Search Engine Optimisation, and the fact that Pat Flynn provided this information absolutely free – I would say that it is a fantastic post containing awesome value for those just starting in the niche marketing and SEO field.

Why The Challenge?

When I am building a niche site and starting the backlinking process, the traffic takes a while to come. This is fair enough as my site slowly climbs through the SERPs, but something I have noticed happening consistently is what the addition of Article Marketing does to this traffic. When I launch a new site and incorporate UAW into the process I start to see organic longtail traffic – and a lot of it! To give you an idea – a site I launched without UAW sees 100 or so organic visitors in the first 30 days, but a site launched WITH UAW gets around 400 or so – usually from around 300 keywords I might add. These longtail searches do result in sales (thanks Amazon you converting genius!) and with this in mind I wanted to know once and for all if it’s all its cracked up to be.

Does Unique Article Wizard work?

  • Am I wasting $67 a month on a service that is not actually doing anything for me?
  • Is Article Marketing as powerful a tool as ‘they’ would have you believe?
  • Can a site rank AND bring in traffic with only this Service and this SEO method?

The Site.

the best deals on the entire range of dewalt cordless power tools

If you remember a few weeks back I reviewed a fantastic plugin called WP ZON Builder, a review that involved me building a niche site from scratch in 11 minutes. Well this site has since sat naked and alone, and at no stage have I optimised anything off the page. My plan is to use this site as the test bed. If you did not catch the video then I strongly suggest you watch it now, that way you can see how the test site is laid out. Of course you could also just check it out here: Dewalt Cordless Drill Reviews

Oh, and yes the site has already been indexed.

The Keywords.

The 4 keywords I will be optimising the site with throughout this little experiment are:

  • Dewalt 18v cordless drill
  • Dewalt cordless drill reviews
  • Dewalt cordless tools
  • Best cordless power tools

My primary Keyword is going to be the same as my domain name ‘ Dewalt Cordless Drill Reviews’

The Statistics at Day 1.

Just so we are all on the same page, here are some screenshots showing rank and traffic as of right now, March 14th 2011.

how my niche site traffic looks on day 1 of the article marketing challengeCheck out that Bounce rate! LOL watch that climb at the same rate as the visitor count. And the Ranking as it stands now…

how my niche site ranks on day 1 of the article marketing challenge

The Plan and the Process

This is what I will be doing for the next 30 days:

  • Everyday I will write a new Article, using a combination of the research I have done and the WordTracker Labs Keyword question tool. (Free and Awesome !!)
  • I will then rewrite a second version of this article so that I have two copies*
  • I will submit the first copy of the article through the UAW system and link back to the main page and one other page for the 4 keywords listed above.
  • I will then submit the other copy to my own site as a post, making sure I fill in all the required SEO fields and optimise the post accordingly.

The Reason why I am submitting a copy of the content to my site too is because this site is currently quite bare. As I said, this site was primarily built to show you how it could be done, and at no stage was I ever considering actually ranking it. As such there is not really any content on it. OK so its got pages upon pages of products, but these are actually imported in such a way that a:) Google cant see it and b:) even if they did it would be discarded as duplicate content. So we need some real content!

30 days worth should do the trick.

I’m Not Content Until You Tell Me What You’re Writing About!

I suppose I had better give you an idea of what it is I will be writing about, but at this point I’m really not sure. I can tell you however, what I will NOT be writing about. I will probably write about home improvement, Do It Yourself Tips, Safety issues, Working Conditions, How to Guides, anything involving a cordless drill really – but I will NOT be writing about Dewalt Cordless Drills and their Reviews.

Why? I am trying to rank my main pages for these sorts of phrases, so not only do I want to make sure my articles do not compete for the same keywords, I also want to make sure that the article is in the best position to catch as much longtail traffic as possible. All the topics I will write about will be focused on these longtail terms. (this is where the Keyword question Tool comes in really handy)

*The Best way to spin an article if you only want a few copies is to break it down into short paragraphs and then simply rewrite each one. Trust me, this will create three of four grammatically coherent and good quality articles. This is actually the way that UAW works, they just rearrange the paragraphs a lot more!

The Rules.

Every Challenge needs Rules, if not just so they can be broken, but in the effort to sound official and look professional, I present to you the rules that shall hereby govern said Challenge…

  1. No Other SEO is allowed on or off the site. No Bookmarking, no RSS – nothing!
  2. No additional articles  directories can be utilised (yes I know an Article Marketing Challenge without EzineArticles seems futile but this is my challenge OK, so leave me alone)
  3. The Challenge begins when the first article is actually submitted through the UAW system (takes a day or two to approve your article and make sure its not a load of crap)
  4. I am to keep you updated with at least 2 posts a week showing how many articles I have submitted and where I am tracking Rank and Traffic wise.

Let The Unique Article Wizard Challenge Begin!

It is now the 15th of March 2011 at 12:14am. As we speak I am submitting the first article through the UAW system. This article will also be posted on the site so you can view it there if you wish to play along.
Keep in mind that I have set WP ZON Builder to import over 70 product specific posts over  the next 6 weeks so these ‘posts’ will intermix with the articles I write.

What do you think?
Anyone want to take a guess as to whether this works or not?
Speculations on Traffic and Rank differences at the end of the month perhaps?



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