8 Firefox Add-Ons That Help Me to Build Rank and Profit.

by Alex on November 4, 2011

essential firefox plugins for blogging

Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser ever! It still randomly crashes on me which pisses me off to no end, but even after this it’s still better than Internet Explorer. Buuuuut I’m not here to argue about Browsers (unless you want to of course, just provoke me further in the comments thread and we’ll see where it goes 😉 )
No, I am here to talk about the Add-Ons that I utilize day in, day out and why I simply cannot live without them.

Some people call them Plug-ins (which is actually not correct because plugins for Firefox are entirely different and are reserved for programs like Java, Quicktime and Shockwave, just to name a few.)
Some refer to them as Extensions, in fact even Mozilla themselves call them Extensions inside the place you manage them (which for the record is called the Add-On Manager and only serves to further confuse the matter!)

Quick lesson here folks: Want to know what the right term is? Stuff that – find out what everyone else is calling it and jump on the bandwagon – that’s smart Keyword research, that’s what that is!
*For the record, Google Keyword Tool tells me that 9900 people are searching for Firefox Extensions, whilst 246,000 search for Firefox Addons. OK I’m calling them Addons then!

The following 8 Mozilla Firefox AddOns not only streamline the way I do business online, they also help me to track my SEO competition, stay organised, and most importantly – build backlinks and do my own SEO.
So without further ado (and I have a lot of ado around here believe me!) let’s get into it.

8 Mozilla FireFox Add-Ons I Cannot Live Without

DownThemAll (or just dTa) is a powerful yet easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox extension that adds new advanced download capabilities to your browser.
DownThemAll, as the name suggests lets you download all the links or images contained in a webpage at once! Not only this, you can also refine your downloads by fully customizable criteria to get only what you really want. (eg only the jpg images or only the zip files) and increases the overall speed of downloads by up to 400% (claimed)

*Once installed, DownThemAll becomes available when you right click your mouse (is another option under save as) or through the Tools menu

If you are a blogger or internet marketer in any way shape or form then chances are you have a million and half pages bookmarked, organised into some form of folder conglomeration that is still unmanageable at the best of times!?! Am I right or am I right? 😉 The Multirow bookmarks toolbar addon allows your toolbar to display as many rows as is necessary to display all of your folders and bookmarks.
As you can imagine, this makes keeping things organised so much easier, especially when you are dealing with multiple niches at the same time!

firefox addon perfect to help keep bookmarks organized

I don't know what I'd do without multiple rows of bookmarks!?

With the HootBar Addon installed you can quite simply tweet the page you are on and also add your own customised message as well (to do this you simple delete the URL and add your own message instead – the URL will be remembered and shortened automatically). What I like most about this is that you can configure multiple accounts so that even when your TweeMeme keeps defaulting to your preferred account (like it always does – annoying hey!) the HootBar will Always ask you which account you would like to Tweet from.
I personally like this feature because it means I can be wearing two different niche hats at the same time – so to speak, tweeting as myself but also being able to tweet as one of many alter egos if the page I am on pertains to that niche. Brilliant!

best firefox addon for twitter is hootbar

Simply add your message and click the bird to Tweet

The site offers a paid (premium) service but their Firefox add-on is totally free. There is a limit on how many pages you can ping each week but seeing as you only ever need to ping articles and what not this isn’t really a problem. Of course you can always utilise the free pingfarm.com service which allows you to ping an unlimited amount of URL’s at once.
This plugin, I mean Addon (whoops) is great because it adds a button to your browser, which makes pinging your URL as easy as clicking your mouse. Certainly easier than going to pingomatic to do it, that’s for sure!

firefox pingler addon makes pinging easier

Click this button here to ping the page you are on

Put it simply, this addon gives you everything you need to know in relation to colour and design that you could possibly need.  This Mozilla Firefox Addon would have to be the one I utilise the most as it does two things brilliantly:

  1. It allows me to copy and paste colour schemes that I know work well, and honestly – it is matching the colours and keeping everything tonally balanced and what not that is the hardest thing about making and building a new niche site from scratch. And it’s also kinda important if you want to convert too!

    Mozilla firefox addon Rainbow color analyzer tool

    Bam! Instant Graphics Colour Template. BRILLIANT!

  2. It allows me to grab the hex code of any colour on the page, meaning I can now easily customise not only my own Ads and affiliate banners that I place on the pages but also any Adsense blocks I might add. Matching the colour scheme of any ads – especially Adsense is proven to increase your click through ratesand with Rainbow addon for Firefox it’s now easier than ever to do.

    firefox addon allows you to get the hex code of any colour instantly

SEOQuake would have to be the best SEO related addon available for Mozilla Firefox (in this marketers opinion) because it covers all the bases and gives you everything you could possibly need to do a quick SEO assessment of any given webpage. Not only does it provide metrics within the page itself, the addon also provides SEO data within the SERPs that you can then organise results against! This means you can sort results by Pagerank and so when looking for relevant blogs to comment on (for example) you can start with the ones with the highest Pagerank! – This feature alone makes it worth it’s weight in gold if you ask me

the best SEO addon for firefox is SEOQuake

SEOQuake is Crazy Awesome. Crazy like a Fox awesome!


Since we are talking SEO let’s talk backlinks! SocialMonkee is actually a social bookmarking service (free as well as paid) that now offer a free addon for firefox that quite frankly – rocks!
Basically with the addon installed you click on the Monkey head in the bottom right hand corner of your browser and (after creating a free account – follow link) simply fill in the meta details and socially bookmark the page on 25 top social bookmarking sites. You can also pay a one time fee of $47 and get a premium membership which then gives you the ability to bookmark to 100 sites.

Not only does this plugin save me a heap of time and effort when it comes to building backlinks on my backlinks, it’s also really easy to use.

social bookmarking is easiest with this firefox addon

Look at the Monkey. Look at it!

I first heard about this plugin (or at least noticed it) from my good friend and fellow blogger Ana Hoffman. (thanks Ana!) I noticed her email signatures always looked professional and not only linked to all her social profiles, it also gave me a link to her latest blog post and her latest Tweet! How did she do it? With Wisestamp of course!

WiseStamp is a free service/Firefox addon that once installed enables you to add up to 3 customised signatures which will then attach themselves to any and all accounts you have with Gmail/AOL/Yahoo/Hotmail… just to name a few.
Not only does the service allow you to link to your social profiles and RSS feeds, it also comes with numerous widgets including ‘quote of the day/joke of the day’ etc etc.
They also offer a premium service which then allows you to customise more signatures as well as attach them to your own personal email accounts – but for me the free service is more than sufficient (for now)

firefox wisestamp email signature addon

Check out the signature I made for myself using Wisestamp


Well there you have it. 8 Firefox Addons I most certainly could not live without, not now that I know they exist anyway.

I hope you found this post helpful and are able to get as much use from these add-ons as I have – let me know in the comments. Alternatively – if you know of any other great Mozilla Extensions/Add-Ons that you could not live without then please – let us all know in the comments below.


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