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by Alex on August 7, 2010

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I’m calling today Threadless Thursday, and this here marks the OFFICIAL beginning of what will be a regular here on the Keyword Research Blog.

Why Threadless Thursday?

Because there is nothing uniform about it. Thursday’s post are going to be a mix of cool things I find on the web, inspiration, random musings, and the occasional brain dump, and I think thursday is the perfect day to do it – and not just because of the clever alliteration. After the launch of my first ebook I am really starting to give this blog some definition, and part of that involves structure. I find it ironic that my first attempt at doing so involves the word ‘threadless’ but that’s just figuratively speaking. It’s not like things can possibly unravel from here on in. :)

OK bad attempts at humour aside,  today I wanted to share with you a couple of posts that I have found that are just brilliant to say the least, as well as something that I learned on Twitter recently.

This first post is THE best tip you will ever get to increasing traffic to your site. We all know commenting on other blogs is a really good way to get traffic to your own blog, but if you are not doing what this post shares then you are leaving so many potential visitors behind!

The really sneaky CommentLuv trick for better blog marketing and promotion. really is one of those posts that made me the Keyword Blogger very excited! This tip gives your post keywords so much more power now, and I have to thank Karl and Thomas tremendously for sharing it with us! Brilliant

Another great post I came across in the past few weeks was one from a great writer and blogger Murray Lu.. something, I can’t remember now :) but I know it starts with an lu ’cause that’s his URL…anyway. He always comes up with some great posts and this one is particularly useful to the blogger and so I thought I would share it here.

5 Tools to Effectively Track your brand online is a fantastic post that lists 5 fantastic resources to utilise if you want to know ‘who’s talking about you’ basically. I had only heard of one of the resources before so I found it particularly valuable, I think you will too.

Who wants quality backlinks? Ok that was a stupid question, but I had to start with something. This next post is by Ana Hoffman, who I have only discovered recently but is clearly a seasoned blogger who knows what she is talking about. Her post titled 5 tips to get more backlinks is not just your regular list and really shows some impressive out of the box thinking. I bet you will get at least one brilliant tip from reading this post!

Let’s talk Twitter. Actually let’s not. And that’s what I really love about this next post. I found this a while back and never got around to sharing it – slacker that I am. It’s basically a list of the top sites to list your twitter account with so that you can be found be others and therefore followed. It’s simple, to the point and gives you exactly what it says it will – I love that! Check out Key Twitter Directories to Help Build Your Following and sign up your account with each right away. It takes minutes and now you can be assured of maximum exposure for your Twitter account.

Finally, a post that caught my eye recently, and then proceeded to pleasantly surprise me was from the recent winner of the InfoPreneur’s Autoresponder Challenge, Steve Scott, or is that Scott Steve? Apparently it’s both – and this just confuses me . Steve (Scott?) wrote an article called The Secret to long term Blogging success (part 15) and although this topic has been covered before a million times, Steve managed to mention a few tips that I personally would never have thought to include (damn your original thought mate) as well as provide some great insight into tips that you are already well aware of. This is part 15 (apparently) but I did not need to read the first 14 parts to thoroughly enjoy the post and get tremendous value from it at the same time.

Something I learned on Twitter

Recently I received a Tweet, I’m not sure if it was a DM or just @ me (heck, I’m not even sure if there is a difference, but anyway) and the text went something like this:

Hey Alex Whalley, read your post on Affiliate Marketing, that was really helpful to me! (TINY URL) (retweeted?)

questioning twitter ethicsOf course I clicked on the link only to be taken to, I can’t even remember actually, I was on my iPhone so the moment I saw it was not a blog I recognised I closed the window, but that’s beside the point. The point is I clicked on the link. Sometimes I will click on a link if I seem interested in what the person had to share or say, but this time I clicked on it because the impressive sales copy got my ego involved. By suggesting that the post I wrote could have helped someone made me quite happy with myself, and then the (retweet?) in brackets had the immediate impact of making me question whether it was actually me that had been the creator of this ‘helpful post’. Of course I then had to click on the link to find out.

I was instantly impressed with the sales copy and thought I would share this with my readers as a really good twitter tip for getting your links clicked, but to tell the truth, I’m not sure if I condone this kind of marketing. I personally think that misleading people into clicking on your link is only going to piss them off, and in the long run this is going to affect your brand in a negative way. If you don’t see a problem with doing this, I am not going to question your ethics, I just think we see things differently, so I say – take this tip and use it wisely. I personally choose not to.

That’s all from me for Threadless Thursday, hope you find some really awesome tips in those posts, I know I did.

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