Your Complete Outsourcing Guide

Why Outsource?

One of the hardest lessons I learned online was just how hard it is to do it alone. There is simply not enough time in the day to do everything yourself, and the secret to turning this Build Rank Profit knowledge into a business is learning what you don’t need to be doing yourself.

Do you want to work in your business, or do you want to work on your business?

This is the question you need to be asking yourself, but the mistake I made was asking the other question:

Can I justify spending money on that when I can do it myself?

Of course I can! Unless I value my time at approx 90c an hour, outsourcing is definitely something I need to be doing, especially when it comes to the monotonous task of building backlinks.

Social Bookmarking Example

Let’s look at a quality Social Bookmarking Service where the provider uses new accounts and then offers to ping these bookmarks upon completion*
*You would rather outsource to a provider that creates accounts specifically for the job you create because this adds value to the links. You also want to make sure they offer to ping the bookmarks for you too, always a nice bonus!

I pay around $20 to have my site bookmarked to 100 high quality do follow social bookmarking sites and for this I get a new account created on each site, my URL and Description submitted through each, and the resulting bookmark pinged and the full report sent to me on completion.

If I was to do this myself – not only would I only be able to do this once (unless I had the ability to switch IPs) but the process of creating the accounts alone would take upwards of 3 hours. Then I would have to submit my URL and copy/paste my description 100 times (another hour at least!) and I still haven’t pinged the bookmarks yet! So far we are approaching 4 hours of work and that’s assuming you have done it before. Trust me when I tell you that the first time you do it, it does not quite go as smoothly as you anticipated!

So What is My Time Worth?

When I provide linkbuilding and Blog Consulting services (via Skype), my time is charged out at anywhere between $50 and $80 an hour, depending on what it is I am doing, so when I am working on linkbuilding, I take this into account. If you are still working fulltime then base this on how much you earn hourly at work.

Linkbuilding is one of those tasks where consistency is key, but the type of links that are required consistently are B O R I N G to build, and honestly – nearly all of them can be outsourced for far less than your time is worth. These ‘services’ have created systems and programs to do a lot of their work, which is why they are able to do it at such a low cost. There is also the fact that many of them are based overseas where labour is a LOT less so these savings are passed onto you.

When it comes to building backlinks, if you do not outsource at least 50% of the workload you are ultimately going to drown under your own ‘to do’ list.

Too Many Tasks!

When you are building an effective backlinking campaign there is a lot going on! What’s worse, it’s going on constantly so automating and outsourcing where you can is a necessity if you want to turn this into a business.

I choose to utilize the automated services of Unique Article Wizard to help me streamline the Article Marketing side of my link building campaigns but  there are numerous backlinks that I really don’t want to waste my time on. My time is valuable and there are only so many hours in a day, as such I would much rather focus that time on building quality Web2.0 Properties, or Split Testing my money pages, or building more niche sites!

Therefore, Here is the list of Backlinks that I always Outsource:

  • RSS Feed Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking on mass ( I still have 50 or so dedicated accounts that I use for my own pages etc)
  • Directory Submissions
  • Profile packets (on mass)

And The types of links I try to Outsource where possible

  • Profile Linkwheels (Quality Profiles interlinked)
  • Web2.0 and Wiki Properties


Where to Find Quality Workers



The best place is always going to be the forums in my opinion, mainly because it is a lot harder to hide there.

With the bigger forums, not only has the service provider got to prove him or herself amongst a sea of experienced marketers who know which way is up, they also have to hang around long enough to establish themselves in the first place. What this results in is a large number of members who are more than willing to recommend good providers, (because they too have a forum reputation to uphold) as well as a huge selection of forum threads to read, where everything is laid out to bear.
Bad Service being provided? You’ll see what they thought about him in the comments thread underneath!

Forums I recommend:

Tip for finding Services on the Forums.

A Great way of finding services on the forums without even needing to visit them is by asking Google to trawl them for you. By typing in the following: site: insert forum URL and then specifying the type of link you want , say [Profile Linkwheels] for example you can get results from numerous threads at once, all without leaving Google. (see screenshot)

Finding backlink services on forums through Google


Fiverr is fast becoming a popular destination for site owners looking for cheap backlinks. What is incredible is the amount of selection that is now available for anyone wanting to boost their rankings in the SERPs, and for $5 there really is nothing to complain about!

Unlike the forums however, there is no real guarantee that the service you are paying for is going to be any good, but here are some tips to protecting yourself and making sure you always get what you pay for.*
*With that being said, Fiverr do credit your account back if the service is not completed in the specified time

Tips to getting the most out of Fiverr.

  • Check the Feedback
    Don’t just look at the positive vs. negative – look at when the last feedback was left.
  • Look for New and Current Gigs
    Not only do you not want to pay for a gig where the user lost interest last month, you also can get great deals on really new gigs where there is no feedback yet.
  • Shop Around.
    Many competing services try to outdo each other by offering more links, higher PR – whatever the case may be. So shop around!
  • Do Your Homework.
    The Gig may seem like a great deal, but is the service worth it? Try Googling the name of the service or software being used to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Treat the Search Bar like Google
    You want a specific type of backlink built? Try searching for it in quotation marks.

Again, the link building services found here can be just incredible, and they can be downright terrible but it is the nature of the site. Unlike the forums that provide the peace of mind through constant interaction and engagement, the services at Fiverr are a little hit and miss. All I can say is, Good luck – have fun, and hey – it’s only five bucks!


One of, if not the biggest online provider of Outsourcing services, ODesk – is designed specifically to connect you with those who want to do all your work for you.

Unlike the forums and the Fiverrs of the web, ODesks only job is to find you work or find workers for you, and because of this your ability to haggle and be picky increases dramatically.

The best advise I can give you is to go and create an account there and familiarise yourself with the environment (which is really user friendly) Then you are going to want to start looking for people willing to build your backlinks for as little of your hard earned dollars as possible.

How about less than $2 an hour, sound good?

The Following three pdf files are available as free downloads and under each I have explained what they are. (simply right click and save as or open the attachments in your browser and save them from there)

BuRP- ODesk job-description template Profile packets

BuRP – ODesk Job Description Template Web2.0

Some of the most important links Ibuild are both the linkwheels (that the interlinked quality profile links create) and the authority blogs and properties I build on the various Web2.0 sites. For this reason I like to either build them myself, or outsource to someone. I use ODesk to find these workers because I need someone I can trust and I need to be able to get them to do it exactly how I tell them to.

These two pdf documents are a very basic template that you can use when filling in your job description forms so that you can try and find quality service providers at insanely cheap rates (as little as $2 an hour)
Obviously I have only covered two types of links here, but the general nature of the template means you can request any type of link. (just change the name …derrr)

BuRP Odesk respondent template

Once you have started receiving applications, both negative and positive you are going to want to filter those workers to find the ones right for that particular job. The above pdf is a basic template for that.

Outsourcing Action Plan

  • Create an Account with Odesk and familiarize yourself with the site.
  • Create an Account on at least one forum and introduce yourself. Tell them why you are there.
  • Write down all the backlinks you intend on building and work out which ones you cannot justify wasting time on.
  • Give yourself time to focus on the parts of your business that will actually help it to grow!


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