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Creating A Successful Blog Requires Creative Keyword Usage

by Alex on August 1, 2010

This is a Guest post from the Blog Angel Joella Molson. Also known as Blog Angel, Joella is entrusted with caring for and maintaining Blogs With Wings. You can read the full Bio after this post but I just wanted to introduce a great blogger and an even better article. I really enjoyed reading this post and I know that you will too, Joella – over to you :)

Many bloggers I know, can’t be bothered using keywords because they believe they are artificial and alien to the writing process. This is a very specific kind of blog writer’s block. It’s a mindset that may be preventing you from creating a successful blog.

For some bloggers, keywords mean nothing when planning how to have a successful blog.

The argument usually goes something like this: “I’m writing my blog for real people. Search engines are just software robots. Catering to them makes my writing seem artificial and interferes with the natural flow of my words. People won’t read my posts because my writing doesn’t seem natural.”

You will never join the ranks of successful blogs so long as you hang on to this archaic attitude.

It’s time to just get over it! And get over it now. You want to know how to have a successful blog, right? Simple answer: your blog has to be seen by as many of the right people as possible. Don’t you agree?

You have something to say that a specific audience is hungry to hear. Your goal is to give that audience as many ways as possible to find your blog. Then once they find you they can become a part of your avid reader base.

So where do these readers, so crucial to creating a successful blog hang out?

  • Other blogs in your niche? Guest posting is a good idea.
  • On social networking sites? Then you should be visible and active on the key sites
  • Commenting on related blogs? Join them and leave good comments that will lead back to your blog.
  • Social bookmarking sites? Bookmark your best posts.

These are all excellent activities practiced by anyone truly serious about how to have a successful blog. And I’m sure you can think of more. But are they really enough? I say no. You can do all those things and still not win at creating a successful blog. Why is that?

Because the other place your readers are spending their time is on search engines.

When I need specific information, or I want to be entertained, when I’m hunting for an image, a tutorial and many other things. I turn to the search engines. Don’t you? You probably do and so do legions of your potential readers.

Owners of successful blogs know that getting their blogs onto the front page of Google, or any other search engine isn’t likely to happen without good keyword usage. Keywords are an important key to having a successful blog.

People search using specific terms and phrases. The search engines try to accommodate the users’ desires to find what they are looking for. Creating a successful blog requires that you understand and embrace the idea that keywords are a natural way to connect to people who would benefit from reading your blog.

Using keywords is natural for millions of search engine users.

Repeat after me: “Keywords aren’t unnatural”. They will help, not hinder you in the pursuit of a succesful blog. Creating a successful blog naturally involves effective keyword use. Keywords challenge you to be even more creative in your blog post writing. They encourage you to raise the bar when it comes to finding new ways for how to have a successful blog.

Incorporating keywords can and should become a natural component of your blog writing style.

The authors of successful blogs know the value of keywords and use them everywhere in their writing. They manage to do this without their writing seeming stilted or artificial. They have taken the time to learn how to find, use and incorporate keywords into their writing.

Resistance is futile.

Assimilate keyword usage as part of how to have a successful blog.
If you are serious about creating a successful blog, then you need to learn a new writing skill. One that involves getting to know all about good keyword practices in blog post writing. How do you do that? Try a search engine, type in a few keywords and you’ll find all the information you could ever want. After all it’s a natural response to finding what you want online. Isn’t it?

But before you do that, take some time to explore the site here at Alex’s blog. He’s got great advice on how and why to use keywords and keyword phrases when creating a successful blog. And he can recommend some excellent keyword tools that will help you on your way to blog success.

create a successful blog with Joella MolsonJoella Molson, also known as Blog Angel, is entrusted with caring for and maintaining Blogs With Wings. It’s a blog dedicated to helping bloggers everywhere with creating their own successful blogs. She is determined to help you find out how to have a successful blog, no matter what your blogging goals are. So, stop by for a visit today or find her on Twitter.

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