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by Alex on August 5, 2010

alex whalley's ultimate keyword research resource

This post marks the official launch of ‘Alex Whalley’s Organic Traffic Jam – The Ultimate Keyword Research Resource’

I’m not even sure why they call it a launch, it’s not a boat. I guess it makes sense especially now that I am in the moment. The culmination of all the work that has gone into creating a resource, no matter how small deserves a climax, and calling something a ‘launch’ is always going to have more impact than ‘ oh yeah I discretely slipped it into the mainstream on such and such date’. But now that I have created what I feel is ‘The Ultimate Keyword Research Resource’ for bloggers and internet newbies at least, what should I do now? This is a little post I put together (ok edit, just finished and it’s like 1600 words) to show you why I did what I did and what I plan on doing immediately to market my ebook and build my list. I will be writing another post to share my experiences of the actual process, including what I learned along the way, and of course taking the time to give credit to those amazing bloggers who helped me along the way.

So without further ado, let me introduce (drumroll please) …

Alex Whalley’s Organic Traffic Jam
The Ultimate Keyword Research Resource.

Living under a different roof

targeted trafficThe first thing you may have noticed if you have decided to download the eBook is that I have created a separate domain for the offer and download. The squeeze page was put on a separate domain for a number of reasons, both advantages to SEO and Marketing. Here is a quick couple of reasons why you should set your offer up like this

  • Optimise the page for the search engines, drive organic traffic to the site based on 3 or 4 specific keywords that are TARGETED to the offer itself, as opposed to your blog which is competing for a trillion keywords by now.
  • Free up space on your own blog – opt in forms take up a lot os valuable space in your already cluttered sidebar. An image of your ebook linking to  your page is much more efficient, and it looks nicer too!
  • Remove distractions and exit points that your blog provides in abundance. This is the whole point of a squeeze page after all, and it has been proven time and time again to work, so why not take advantage of it for your offer too?
  • Take part in Giveaways. A massive way to dramatically build your list is to take part in giveaways – but for that you need a squeeze page as well as your gift. (see Giveaway section later in this post for more details)
  • Utilise the power of email marketing services. There are hundreds of services that provide you with the ability to mail your offer to thousands of other marketers – for free I might add, but again, without a squeeze page accompanying your brilliant offer, you can’t fully utilise the service.(see more in marketing section below)

There’s a whole myriad of advantages to having your offer on a separate domain, although a lot of these advantages still apply if you are able to create squeeze pages on your existing theme, which I know some will allow but all in all, to take full advantage of a lot of the SEO and marketing tools out there you really need to have your offer living under a different roof to you.

Email Marketing – building a list

email marketing building a listList building is the initial lesson I learned when I started my foray into internet marketing, so I understood the principles at least, but it wasn’t until I actually had my book live and started setting up the aweber email that I realised there was still so much I had not even taken into consideration…Gulp/

The thought of the email followup is currently driving me crazy and I would actually really love your thoughts on this whole process.

The Idea was…
The idea was for me to try and send out one email each week, with any really relevant or awesome posts being broadcasted when I wrote them. I was going to stick with three emails of value for every email that tried to sell them something. This was the initial idea.
But realistically…
Now I’m thinking of leaving no emails in the followup at all and just emailing the list once a week with a really good tip, offer, post – whatever comes to mind. This second option seems like the better one because it would be

  • less time consuming (by a long shot) and
  • the email would always remain timely and the affiliate offers current and relevant.

What do you think I should do?

Do you have an email list, and if so – What do you currently do in regards to email marketing?

Marketing my ebook NOW

Now that I have finished my ebook I want to start building my list. Technically I could have started building my list from the get go but since I now have the eBook finished I may as well leverage it to assist, I mean that’s the whole point to the free gift right? So here are the first two things I will be doing to leverage my ebook and attempt to grow my list. Keep in mind that both of these methods do not require any presence online what-so-ever, just the knowledge that these methods exist.

The Great Blogging Giveaway!

Giveaways are a great way to build your list. I don’t know anything about them, and I don’t profess to either, but I know they work and so I am jumping on the bandwagon too!

the great blogging giveaway

How they work is that anyone and everyone can give their gift away to build their list, and the whole thing is promoted, people get free stuff and in the end, everyone wins. Lately I joined and became a contributor at a Giveaway called ‘The Great Blogging Giveaway’ I joined because it was the first one I heard about after I finished my ebook, but admit that the name made me happy – knowing I was in the right niche with my offer. Part of the promotional process necessitates that I get others to join the giveaway too, and if I don’t I get ‘downgraded’ or in other words, I lose the ability to give MY gift away. I can’t have that, well I really don’t want to have that so I am asking you directly to go and sign up under me as a contributor.
I am asking as a favour to me so I can give my gift away, but I also genuinely think that if you are in the blogging niche and you have something to give away, that this is a tremendous opportunity for you too to build your list too. So check them out through my affiliate link (if you could call it that) and sign up to give your gift away and help build your list. Here is my link to the giveway (in case you missed the first two :) )…and thank you!

List Joe Email Marketing Service

pointless activities in internet marketingI will be utilising the services of LIST JOE, which is one of hundreds of email marketing services that are available to use for Free, although they do offer an upgraded paid service that allows you to send an email to 10,000 random people every week or so, which is not bad. But let me give you a quick idea of what LIST JOE is and how email marketing services work – because I still liken the whole concept to slapping yourself in the face with a dead fish, that is: really really pointless.

See my post titled ‘Affiliate Clone Wars’ for the full story but basically what happens is you are put into the system and in order to build up points each week you need to open email from other members and look at their offer. As you open pages you get points (around 20 per page) and you can have a maximum of 4000points per week. Each point is a person you can email so each week you have the potential to email your offer to 4000 people, all for free! Brilliant right. Well here’s the problem. The only reason every other member in the cycle is looking at your offer is to get the points. Just like you are doing, they are not interested in the offer, they just want the points so they can email THEIR offer out. Something to note here is that for every 20 pages you look at, 8 will be the same offer! It’s all really pointless…UNLESS

Now that I have a unique gift (I have not seen something like it around lately) and what I think is a decent squeeze page, I might stand a chance in this system, because even though they only want their points, they still want to succeed online and my offer looks different from all the others that endlessly cycle through.
I’ll keep you posted as to how this goes :)


I emailed over 3500 people my offer and got 2 sign-ups as a result. 1 hour clicking buttons = 2 sign ups!

That’s it for now, I have so much I need to look it and so much more to do – and that’s just the blogging side of the business!

My poor niche sites have been neglected and left to rot during this exciting and extremely busy period of my online growth but, I am hoping at least – it will all be worth it in the end.

Thanks for staying with us to the end, and if you are a regular Keyword Research Blog reader, I thank you for sharing this journey with me thus far, there’s so much more to come. Stay tuned for a post of epic proportions, where I look at everything I have learned on my journey so far. It’s been almost 6 months since I launched this blog!

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