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IMPORTANT UPDATE (Friday 18th February 2011)

Keyword Winner Version 2.0 is set for release March 1st

The 2.0 version of Keyword Winner is set to be released on March the 1st, so I wanted to give you a shout out so that you would not miss out. If you use WordPress, this is truly a must have. And here’s some great news: If you get onboard NOW, you will enjoy free lifetime updates! Free updates…. for life!

Bad News

After the 1st of March, because of the huge evolution of this product, Dan is changing the policy to one of paid updates. So this is your chance to grab this amazing invention and never again pay a single dime for upgrades.

Keyword Winner SEO Plugin

Introducing the most advanced SEO Plug-in for WordPress ever created!

Keyword Winner is set to revolutionize the way you post content and blog because it streamlines the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization –

Keyword Research.

With Keyword Winner you can expect

  • Easier SEO
  • Faster Research
  • Better Statistics
  • More Traffic!

How to use Keyword Winner SEO plugin

What Do I know Anyway?

My name is Alex Whalley and I am the Keyword Research Blogger so when it comes to Blog Optimization,
Wordpress SEO, and anything related to Keyword Research – I kinda know what I’m talking about.

Here is my take on the new SEO WordPress Plugin



What is Keyword Winner?

It’s a Keyword Research plugin that provides real time Keyword Research Results – all from within the ‘Add New Post’ screen.

Who is this plugin for?

Bloggers and webmasters alike – anyone who produces their own content. But specifically, I think it’s perfect for anyone trying to make money online, because you can install it and forget about it. Oh, and unlike so many ‘make money online’ tools out there, this one will give you a Return on your Investment – Guaranteed!

Would I personally buy Keyword Winner?

Yes! It’s relevant and easy to use. Once installed it does all the work for you, so unlike other ‘Marketing Tools’ that require a lot more effort on your behalf, this one is quite literally plug and play.

What would I use it for? (good or evil)

With Great power comes great responsibility, and even though Spiderman knows everything there is to know about the Web, he knows jack about traffic and Keyword Research.
Keyword Winner SEO plugin is designed to help you optimize your content for the search engines, which if you ask me is THE most important (and mundane) aspect of blogging.

I now use this plugin to help me optimize each post for maximum exposure in the SERPs. I have always done this, but whereas before it took me 5 or so minutes and at least 4 windows,now it takes 10 seconds, and all happens within the ‘Add Post’ page!

How would I use it? (see attached video for full example)


Let’s use the phrase ‘Growing Lavender’ as an example.

I type this into the ‘title’ window in a new post within WordPress and click on the ‘Get Suggestions’ tab. The following results are displayed:

How to use Keyword Winner examplekeyword results with keyword winner plugin

From this, I can ascertain the following:

  • Lavender Plants is more popular a phrase in relation (according to Google insights) and it also has a LOT less competing pages.
  • Growing Lavender Indoors is the primary keyphrase I should be optimizing for
  • Lavender Seeds are popular at this time of year!

I let Keyword Winner help me optimize the title, but I take note of the top 3 or 4 keyword results so that I may optimize the content and the page for them as well.

How does this differ from my own manual process?

It doesn’t! This is what blows me away most about this plugin, it literally provides me with all I need to post my content.
Blogging and publishing content is all about the two main statistics, search volume and competition. Keyword Winner gives me an overall idea of what are the best keywords to include in my post and title and I simply optimize accordingly.

What are the benefits of Keyword Winner?

Hassle Free SEO

The fact that you can simply install it and continue to blog as you always have is such a blessing! Regular readers of the Keyword Research Blog are always telling me that they would love to implement these basic SEO strategies I talk about, but they simply don’t have time. Now there is no excuses! Keyword Winner is like having your very own keyword research blogger sitting in your edit posts window, waiting to give you awesome advise on Keyword optimization!

Content Ideas!

I would not have thought of this is a benefit, but just look at the example above even. I know nothing about Growing Lavender (I struggle growing weeds) but if I was to write about it, already I have three or four highly optimized post ideas to write about!

Who Wants Targeted Traffic?

Search Engine Traffic is Targeted Traffic, and Targeted Traffic buy stuff! These people (170 million of them each hour) are not bloggers or internet marketers, they’re consumers – and they usually have their checkbooks ready!

*Want to make more affiliate commissions?
Write Killer Reviews and Optimize them for the Search Engines to increase conversions
*Want to make more Adsense Revenue?
Bloggers don’t click Adsense, but Search Engine Traffic does!
*Want to increase Subscribers or build your list?
Target those actually looking for what you have to offer. (instead of other bloggers)

What are the problems with this plugin?

  • The Keyword Winner plugin is not designed for niche research or any indepth keyword analysis, although it never professes to being able to. The results provided by this plugin are perfect for optimizing posts once you have established the topic of your overall blog however, and this is the crucial part of blogging that so many miss.
  • The Competing pages results are broad match and not exact in title matches. If this was the case I feel that the plugin would have cost A LOT more to develop and therefore to buy.
  • The Trends results are like they are in Google’s keyword tool – useless at best. I think there is only so much one can garner when a bar that represents 67 million votes is 4mm high. These results are clickable however, and again – you only need limited information once you are at this stage of the optimization process

Why do you need this new plugin?

*170 million Keyword Searches are conducted every hour of every day on Google alone!

*80% of online transactions begin with a Keyword Search

You can’t argue with those stats. I don’t care how many friends you have on Facebook or how many tweeps you have following you, NOTHING compares to the potential traffic from a well optimized page.

But there is a problem…

Keyword Research is the most important part of Search Engine Optimization, but the process of learning, understanding, and then implementing effective SEO can turn your brain into mush.

Learning and applying SEO basics is imperative if you want to succeed online and I have made it a business teaching others why and how to do just this, so when I saw this plugin for the first time, I knew instantly it was the answer to the bloggers SEO conundrum.

Write for the Search Engines or Write for the People?

This has been an ongoing debate ever since blogging began, and finding the perfect balance is something I have been constantly trying to perfect, because as those figures above quite clearly show, you NEED to write for the Search Engines too!

Keyword Winner is the perfect balance

What this WordPress Plugin has effectively done is taken everything I have learnt about blogging and SEO and rolled it into one package,

because now you can literally write for the people and let Keyword Winner show you what the search engines would also like included. That’s not so hard is it?

Keyword Winner is a plugin that if utilised, WILL bring you more (targeted) traffic, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your business – like making money!

Keyword winner review and bonus buy