3 Ways to Make Money Quickly With Niche Websites.

by Alex on May 15, 2011

ways to make money quickly with niche websites

One of my Subscribers recently asked me a question about niche sites in relation to my Build Rank Profit Course. He said;

“I am going through the Course and I am just building my first site now, thank so much! But you say that it usually takes a few months before you can comfortably start turning over a consistent profit. Is there a way to make money quicker than that? Don’t get me wrong. I am not impatient, I was just wondering how you might turn a profit faster that is all?”

This is actually a fair question, and one that I thought I should answer with a post, because to be honest – regardless of your experience, there are definitely some methods of making money from niche sites that will show you a return a lot faster than going the Amazon route will.

Why Do I Teach The Amazon Route Then?

Before I get into some of the ways of making quick money with niche websites, allow me to justify why my teachings are based on a slower method.

Amazon is based around physical products, products that people are going to buy regardless of whether you exist or not. Building and promoting Amazon sites therefore is a great way of learning to make money online because you can focus on the aspects like Build and Rank first. Once you have the tools and skills to create a  site and then bring targeted traffic to it you are in a position to branch out into any area of internet marketing that you like.

My Build Rank Profit Course therefore aims to teach newcomers to niche site marketing how to fish instead of just giving them the fish and walking away. Where they then choose to go fishing next is entirely up to them.

You’ll Never Make Money Quickly with Niche Sites! [A  Disclaimer]why you will never make money quickly online

There are numerous ways you can make money faster with niche sites, but superseeding all of these methods is your ability to drive traffic and rank a site. If you do not have the requisite skillset to rank a site for the right keywords and/or drive consistent traffic to an offer then no method of niche marketing is going to get you quick money. Unless you are extremely lucky or extremely… no just extremely lucky, then the chances of you making consistent money from day dot are very (very) low.

This is the main problem with get rich quick schemes and the whole make money online niche actually, but I’m not getting into that now.

3 Ways to Quick Riches with Niche Websites.


1. Physical Products


Amazon are a great source of quick profits if you pick the right product

Short cookie life and low commisions suck, but the conversion rates make up for this in spades (which they sell too)



The first method I am going to discuss is Amazon. (You’re already confused aren’t you :))

Amazon.com is indeed a slower method to making money online. By that I mean, it takes longer for you to establish a regular return from each site that you build in comparison to other methods of monetization – but that is only as a general rule. Success with Amazon really comes down to the products you pick, and although the average Amazon site I build will take 3 or 4 months before it is regularly returning $300-$400+, there are some that do so a lot quicker (and ultimately return a lot more)

I am not going to disclose the two products that return the most for me as an Amazon Associate, but I will disclose the niche for you – especially since they are both in the same one, but regardless the lesson is the same. Although Amazon is seen as the slower route to riches of all the monetization methods, because it is promoting physical products (generally), if you pick the right one then you can do very very well for yourself.

The Niche that has been most profitable for me as an Amazon Associate is the Baby and Childrens Niche*

*Something to keep in mind: I have had the added advantage of being the father of a 3 year old and a 20 month old so my experience has enabled me to create some genuinely good articles around various topics relating to my products. These articles have been instrumental in(to?) the success of these particular sites.

*It is also interesting to note that the method I used to find my best selling products involved nothing but real life experience – the most valuable source of profitable niche ideas around.

However, The speed at which this niche can return profits to you is a good one, and proof that even Amazon can be a way to faster profits. You just have to pick the right product.

2. CPA Marketing

cpa marketing done well is like money in the bank

Promoting the right incentive can add a great additional income stream to an existing niche blog


CPA or Cost Per Action Marketing is nothing new – but it is a great way to add an additional faster stream of income to your niche website. CPA Marketing basically involves placing text links or banners on your site and then getting as many visitors to view those links as possible. If the banner is appealing and relevant enough then the traffic will click through. There are obviously a thousand factors that affect what that click through rate is but the overall rule of every kind of marketing is – the more traffic the better.

Cost Per Action Marketing is termed as such because as a marketer, you get paid for getting a visitor to take an action. The main action that I am focusing on here is the ’email submit’ – an action that obviously involves getting the visitor to give a name and an email address. Payments for these actions can range from as little as $1 to as much as $10. Some actions – requiring 3 or 4 steps of information gathering will pay upwards of $30 if the visitor gets all the way through.

The reason I personally like CPA marketing so much is because the offers themselves are often incentive enough, with companies willing to give away free…everything! to entice readers to part with their personal details. My first reaction upon hearing of CPA marketing was something like:

“A company is willing to pay me $2.50 for an email address and the Banner they give me to entice readers to share that information is offering them something even I would want!?! … Where do I sign up?”

Building a niche site specifically around a profitable CPA topic then can often be a great way to turn profits fairly quickly. The sustainability of each CPA offer however is not something worth writing home about, and the reason why I don’t promote building a business around it. It is however a great way of adding another income stream to your existing niche websites, and with a CPA related offer being available in a huge variety of niches, it’s just a case of knowing where to look.

Want to Start Making Money with CPA Marketing?

If you have an existing website or blog, or you are tired of the pathetic results you are seeing from your current method of monetization then perhaps a CPA offer might be the answer you are looking for. Here are  the two main sites that I personally use to find great CPA offers to promote:

  • MaxBounty.com (this is a referral link so please click via here if you are serious about signing up with them. Thanks!)
  • OfferVault.com (no referral link but they will make you sign up to their mailing list – and you will be bombarded, so make it a different email to your regular ones)


3. Anything Embarrassing or Political



Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, both embarrassing and political.

I said Political AND Embarrassing, NOT Politically Embarrassing! (Australian PM - Julia Gillard)

I hate to say it, but if it relates to anything that is embarrassing or political then you are onto a sure fire winner. If you can combine this with CPA then you it’s money in the bank almost, but before we run off to MaxBounty, let’s take a look at what I mean exactly.

Getting on their Political Nerves

When things get political EVERYONE wants to have a say. This is an international trend, and although I can’t speak for America, I can tell you that here in Australia, not only does everyone insist on having their say at any given time during an election, it seems that the amount one insists on ‘sharing’ is reflective of how stupid one actually is. But I digress…

If you can find a product, CPA Offer, or even Contextual ads for that matter that relate to politics and government (OK so you can’t really find a contextual ad. per say) then, so long as you are smart about the way you market it – your click through rate will go through the roof and the product/offer will sell itself.

Not Sure What I Mean? Here’s an Example:

funny or serious, politics can make you a lot of money with CPADuring the last Presidential Election there were a lot of offers based around Obama and whoever it was that lost (no one ever remembers who came second), from companies trying to get the opinions and feedback from as many consumers as possible Why they wanted this information, who they were exactly and how they were going to then use this information is far beyond my scope of knowledge and is well outside the bounds of care anyway, but the one thing that was important was that during this time the amount of people searching for terms relating to ‘Obama opinion poll’ and the like was in the 100’s of 1000’s!

If you had built a page around ‘Obama presidential campaign opinion polls‘ or something and placed banner ads asking for the opinions of readers (opinions which would net you up to $5 a pop) then can you imagine how much money you could net during the short period in which the elections were held?!

I am sure I don’t need to tell you what the click through rate on something like that would be. People want to tell you what they think anyway, but when it comes to politics… don’t even get me started.

Gee Whizz, That’s Embarrassing.

There are over 160 million searches carried out on Google alone every hour of every day, and even though that’s a lot – the fact is that 9 out 10 searchers could find what they are looking for by asking someone else or simply going to the shops.

When you are promoting a product or service that solves a very embarrassing need however, the people who you are targeting are ONLY going to be online. People who are trying to find answers to questions that society deems as taboo or that are just embarrassing do not want anyone else to know, and more often than not – they are willing to try anything in an attempt to fix or resolve it as quickly as humanly possible.

In the Marketing world this translates to ‘hot buyers’ and with a little focused marketing and (again) quality content you can rank a site and start making some pretty good money fairly quickly.

Not sure what I mean? Here’s an Example:

The Term ‘How To Get Rid of Warts’ has over 40,000 exact searches a month, but it’s not really embarrassing. The term ‘How to Get Rid of Genital Warts’ however IS embarrassing and still gets 3,000 exact searches a month.(the term genital warts gets 165,000 EXACT searches a month btw) This term is highly targeted to someone looking for a solution to an extremely embarrassing ailment.

A Search through ClickBank reveals a few products that can be sold relating to this, but really the money can be made with contextual ads, CPA, Amazon,  independent affiliation with relevant vendors – anything really. Again, it all comes down to how well you can generate traffic to a site/offer but

The advantage to promoting a product that solves an embarrassing problem is that the visitors are always going to be more targeted, more eager to buy,  and less inclined to spend time thinking about whether they should wait and try ‘that other thing’ first.


Capitalising on embarrassing trends can be very profitable way to make money

Life is full of hurdles. Some are just more embarrassing than others.

If I was to Take Action Today, What Steps Would I Take?

  • Sign up to the FREE Build.Rank.Profit Course (of course)
  • Build a Website around the applicable niche/product/topic
  • Use Yahoo Answers, relevant Forums and the Keyword Question Tool to find the questions people are asking relative to your subject.
  • Create (or outsource, but good luck) at least 20 Articles answering these questions
  • Heavily market these articles, and the information they contained at relevant Forums and on Article Directories.


Marketing Takeaway

Regardless of the product/service you are promoting or the way in which you are monetizing your site, underlying all of this are three factors which I believe play a vital role in making money from niche sites:

  • Quality Content that Answers the questions the market is actually asking.
  • A Passion for what you are doing.
  • A Little bit of luck*

*”The More I Practice, The Luckier I Get.”  – Gary Player

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