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Tips on Building Quality Backlinks with Web2.0 Properties | Search Engine Marketing Tactics and SEO Tips

Squidoo’s and Don’ts of Link Building

by Alex on January 31, 2011

build quality backlinks with web2.0 properties

Today I want to share with you my strategies on building Web2.0 properties for my Amazon Niche Sites. This is an account of what I have done right and what I have done wrong along the way, and what it has taught me about link building and Web2.0.

I also want to attempt to get straight to the point, because my tendency to ramble on is getting worse … (?! See.)

What is Web2.0?

Google it and you get a thousand million meanings (good English yeah :) ) but the one I like the best is this: (courtesy of capilanou.ca)

“Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of the Web, which enables people with no specialized technical knowledge to create their own websites, to self-publish, create and upload audio and video files, share photos and information and complete a variety of other tasks.”

There are also a thousand sites popping up every day that could put themselves into the Web2.0 category, so deciding which ones you want to play with usually comes down to PageRank and Reputation.

Top 20 List of do follow web 2.0 sites.

  1. Squidoo.com – PR 8
  2. Zimbio.com – PR 6
  3. HubPages.com – PR 6
  4. Blogger.com – PR 7
  5. Quizilla.com – PR 7
  6. Tripod.Lycos.com – PR 7
  7. Knol.Google.com/k – PR 10
  8. Webs.com – PR 8
  9. Vox.com – PR 8
  10. LiveJournal.com – PR 8
  11. Xanga.com – PR 7
  12. Ning.com – PR 8
  13. Gather.com – PR 6
  14. Zoho.com – PR 7
  15. Jimdo.com – PR 7
  16. Friendster.com – PR
  17. Plurk.com – PR 8
  18. Multiply.com – PR 7
  19. Hi5.com – PR 7
  20. Bebo.com – PR 7

My personal Favourites are Squidoo Lenses, Hub Pages, and Blogger Blogs due to their ease of use and friendly user interface, although HubPages are technically not Do-Follow until you actively participate in their community for a bit – which I have not done I might add.

Web 2.0 Do’s

  • Take advantage of the Modules, Widgets and Options available to you within each Web2.0 site.
    Squidoo Lenses for example allow you to add Amazon items, video, RSS Feeds, you name it!  Use them!!
  • Provide Fresh Content that is both helpful and relevant.
    Rewriting a review is OK, but drafting a whole new how-to guide is even better.
  • Promote your Lens/Hub/Blog/Page.
    The whole point of Web2.0 is now you have a domain with content and links that you control. Put that URL to good use!

Web 2.0 Don’ts

  • Copy and Paste old or spun content onto your new web property
    Duplicate content is one thing, but who wants to read old news?
  • Use the new site as another place to ‘review your product’
    Take advantage of the high PR and quality of traffic and draft content that entices people to click through to the actual review
  • Just Build it and then twiddle your thumbs
    An integral part of effectively using Web 2.0 sites is increasing their SEO for your own benefit. Don’t forget that bit!

My Process

get quality backlinks from squidoo and other web2.0 propertiesI am going to use Squidoo as the example here because I have recently completed a few lenses for my Baby Car Seats & Covers Niche Site (the one for the challenge that NO I have not forgotten about)

The first thing you need to know is that most Web2.0 sites have administrators and they have standards. The Squidoo Community is no different, and when you create a lens it gets ranked. I am not sure the exact figure but looking at my lenses I notice that those ranked outside the top million are not ‘featured’ and therefore are technically not available to find on Squidoo. Therefore it is imperative that when creating a Web 2.0 Property you make sure to create something as unique and engaging as possible.

I am no expert! Now I will be the first to admit that I am no expert on creating these properties, but I have created enough now to at least get my lenses featured everytime – which in my book is pretty good! So let’s take a look at one or two now…

Oh, btw – if you are a member of the Squidoo community already then I would really appreciate a ‘Like’ on the Lens :) If you are not a member then why not join and start your Squidoo Journey with a Like or two… (? what?  too subtle?)



Without even following the links you can already see why Web 2.0 is so popular for link building – just look at those keyword loaded URLs!

Analysing the Properties

The main things to take note of are the inclusion of many widgets and modules – including the integration of YouTube Videos (which are not mine btw) and featured Lenses, as well as the fact that the content is unique and engaging (as engaging as talking about a baby seat can get at least).

I also always make sure to treat my Web 2.0 Properties like a blog post and break up the text with images, bullet points and sub headings.

How Many Links is Too Many?

I would not recommend adding more than two links per property as this can look spammy – especially for the first few that you create.
An even better strategy is to create the lens or hub or blog and then once it has aged a few weeks, then go back in and add the links. If you do it this way you could probably get away with adding three links per page every time.
I know this is a given, but always remember to use relevant anchor text and try to link to three different pages on your site, not just use three variations of keywords to link to the main page.

Now You’ve Finished, You’ve Only Just Begun!

Once you have created the lens and added the relevant links it is time to start increasing the strength of those links. Like any link building campaign, there are a thousand ways you can backlink your Squidoo Lens, but for the sake of this post – and the fact that I can only say what I know, this is what I do to increase the SEO strength of my Web 2.0 Properties.

Building Links to Web 2.0

I use three main types of linkbuilding for my Web 2.0 Properties and although there are a hundred other things I could do as well, I really don’t want to invest that much effort into it to be honest.

    Probably the most effective form of linkbuilding that I have come across, and what I like most about Article Marketing is although it builds up long term SEO strength, it has the short term effect of bringing instant traffic! Even better is that most articles being distributed are so crap that making your stand out now simply means being grammatically coherent!
    I use a paid service, Unique Article Wizard – to handle all my article spinning and submissions and this includes limitless blogs, and countless article directories. (You can read the full review of Unique Article Wizard here) but basically the point is this…
    Rewrite the information from your property, and/or create even more content and spin and distribute it to article directories for relevant, keyword rich backlinks
    Many argue that Directory Submissions are a waste of time, but I disagree. I definitely would not do it manually as this would take too much time – (better spend that time creating more Web 2.0 properties) but if you can outsource it then I highly recommend it.
    I have my own Guy who does this but you can find any number of services that will submit your site to any number of services. Expect to pay around $20 for 200 submissions, getting cheaper the more you submit.
    Just Google Directoy Submission Services and shop around.
    This is probably not even necessary but if you want to go that extra step and you have an extra $20 to spend on SEO then this is a great option.
    A great service I found (not aff link) is Key2SEO.com who are currently offering a discounted rate of $20 to manually submit your rss feed and blog index page to over 275+ of the highest ranked RSS aggregators & blog directories online.

How To Create an RSS Feed.

In case this is all new to you, in order to submit your new Squidoo Lens or Web Property to Feed Directories you obviously need to have one yourself. To do so simply head over to Feedburner.com (or any of the 56,732 services) and choose the option to ‘BURN A FEED’. Then simply enter the URL of your new Web property and note the URL accordingly.
In the case of Feedburner it would be feeds.feedburner.com/yournewweb2.0sitename


Building Links is an integral part of being online, and when it comes to quality you cannot go past the range of links available from the Web version 2.0. (haha I sound like a radio Commercial)
However, like any link that you build – if you don’t do it right then your time is wasted and the link is deemed useless.

Treat your Web2.0 Property like it was your own Site basically and remember that it’s more than just a link – real people will see it too!

More on this topic

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