The Money is in the Content. The List is Useless!

by Alex on March 23, 2011

the money is not in the list its in the content

Email Marketing 101

‘If the money was in the list’ then Santa would be the Top Affiliate every year. But he’s not is he?!’

We’ve all heard the expression ‘The Money is in the List’ but let me tell you that unless you are either a:) extremely experienced or b:) extremely naive this is not the case at all.

Let’s examine the phrase, because it’s been done to death and is almost cliche now.

The Money: OK that part makes sense. Money, the colourful plastic stuff that we get down under, or the boring green – all looks the same – paper money that you guys get in the US. We all want more of it and Warren Buffett and Donald Trump have it all.

The List: Ah see now this is where we forget to take stock.

I let a mormon in the house once because he said he wanted to ‘talk about Jeeeeeeesus”. Once inside I asked him what he wanted to talk about, to which he replied “Ummm, well you see I’ve never really actually thought this far ahead

OK so that didn’t really happen, but the point is that you can get so caught up in the easy and exciting part of the equation (money for us, talking about Jesus for the Mormon) that you forget to look at the bigger picture and evaluate exactly where you are going to go next.

What about the List?

Email Marketing is about building relationships with your readers through your emails so that you gain their trust and in turn they are more inclined to buy from you.
That’s it in a nutshell – don’t let anyone tell you different, but how to build a list from your blog and why are not necessarily the samereasons you build them on your ‘other’ sites.

You Need More than One List!

Ask any successful affiliate marketer to show you their Autoresponder (Aweber) account and they will reveal at least 3 or 4 active lists in various niches. They may or may not have a list that bears their blog, their brand, and their name but they will definitely have a host of others, none of which bears their real name. It is through these lists that they probably generate the bulk of their income too. (shhh I won’t tell if you don’t)

Get Out of the Blogger Mindset

As Bloggers we are taught to build relationships, foster community and gain our readers trust. This effects how we manage any email marketing we might do through our blog because it’s not just our real name that we are sharing here,  it’s our entire personality and everything that makes up our story.

Then of course there is the products we are promoting.
I would never promote something that I did not use or had no experience with, not just because it would reflect badly on my brand, but also because I don’t want to ruin any credibility that I have with you.

But what if it’s not your blog?

If it’s just another niche site of yours then there is no brand or credibility to protect, and there is also no chance you are going to try all the products you are promoting within that niche either! You could if you wanted, but I can imagine that if you were in the ‘Stop Smoking Niche’ for example and you were a non smoker, … well you get the picture.

So that Brings us back to the List again.

There is no List!

I’m not talking about subscribers here, I’m talking about the content that makes up the list in the first place!

I created Build.Rank.Profit – a free course that I offer through my autoresponder series, and this took me over 2 months to write, consistently everyday and required every bit of my online experience and knowledge  to put together.

That’s just one example, but you should be getting a clear picture here, a picture that no one seems to point out when they are shouting out meaningless phrases like ‘The Money is in the List’

What Content goes into my list?

The question I asked many a Search Engine and Forum regarding email marketing was what on earth I should put in my autoresponder series (followup emails) because quite frankly I was stumped.

Creating content is hard enough as it is – anyone who has heavily used article marketing will know what I am talking about!

The results I got back gave me no choice but to assume that noone else had a clue either. Debate still rages about how many emails you should write before you try to sell something, what format you should be using, how to choose the right products that will sell, what copy works best in what niches – the list goes on (and on and on and on)

So How Long Would it Take You?

  • How long would it take you to research your niche, find out what problems they have and then write valuable followup emails advising them that you can help?
  • Then how much longer would it take you to then research the various affiliate networks to see what products and services you could promote that would fit with this audience?
  • Then how long would it take you to research those products and either write or outsource the creation of quality sales copy written around the product you are going to promote?

…It would take forever, that’s how long it would take – which is EXACTLY why I have never attempted to build a list off of any of my Amazon or CPA based niche sites.

Until Now…

Putting the Auto in Autoresponders

Recently I discovered a product that totally blew my mind, and I don’t think I have clicked the Buy Now Button with less hesitation in my life!

For the last year, the question of what content should make up my auto responder, and more importantly – when I was going to find the time to actually sit down and write it plagued me to no end. So you can imagine that when I discovered a product, that for less than $100 would give me fully monetized, professionally written email followups in over 11 different niches I was speechless (and if you know me you know that getting me to shut up is no easy feat).

Well that’s exactly what Forced Subscription Profits is!

the ultimate email marketing product

What is it?

To put it simply, FSProfits is the most incredible plug and play autoresponder (email followup) system I have ever come across.

What you get is all your followup emails professionally copywritten and monetized for you, provided in a text file so that you simply ‘find and replace’ the links with your own affiliate link and then paste them into your autoresponder.

But you don’t just get this for one niche!?!

How about 16 Niches covering everything including Fitness, Golf, Gardening, Dogs, Cats, Weightloss, Babies, Stop Smoking and even a few in the IM niche, promoting products like, well this one!
For less than $100  you get instant access to 934 emails, where every 3rd one on average is monetized, meaning you are promoting around 300 products that earn you instant commission!

That’s 18 Years worth of content!!

What I like about this is the ease with which you can instantly create another income stream for yourself.
I currently have over 20 profitable sites in 10 different niches, and I am already thinking about how much more money those sites are going to be making once I integrate these followup messages into them.

Go now and get this incredible deal!
No, it’s not coming down (they never are really) but the longer you wait to integrate these powerful follow up messages into your niche sites, the more money you are ultimately leaving on the table.

Integrating the List into your site.

Aweber recently introduced a plugin that meant adding the opt in form to your WordPress Blog is now as easy as following the steps.  You can choose to use a Pop Up Box like Popup Domination (which I use here and highly recommend) but if you are talking specific niche sites then I think you are better off with a subtle call to action in the sidebar. Of course I don’t know this until I test it, and you can bet I’ll be testing it :)

Other Resources.

The whole point of this post was to share with you how to build a list the easy way, a route I have taken because quite frankly the whole thing confuses me and just makes my brain hurt. Of course if you actually want some real tangible information on how to build a list, say for your brand and blog (you know the real list where relationships matter) then you need to go and see what Steve Scott has to say on the subject.

Never in all my travels have I stumbled (just for the record, I am subscribed Steve, I didn’t stumble., and damn you S.U for taking away my ability to speak freely) upon a post on list building that was so detailed and as brilliantly put together as this one was.

How to Build an Auto Responder Sequence without Burning your List.

I also found that Steve has been very busy, because he just posted this one – definitely relevant 😉

A/B Split Tests to Get More Subscribers

Marketing Takeaway

Building a list is a great way of generating an extra income stream, but the reason most people choose not to integrate one is due to the workload involved in setting one up.

Here Aaron has provided more than enough email followups to fill a majority of your niche sites and even your blog so that you can focus on getting the traffic to visit, just like you have always been doing. Now of course if anyone chooses not to buy or click, then you may get them to signup and then you’ll get them to buy, Sooner or later 😉

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