Stuff Baby Steps! Come Scuba Diving in the Amazon Instead!

by Alex on January 24, 2011

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Making Money Online is an industry unto itself, and the billions of dollars and millions of people that get involved every year only help to give it more life. It’s like a Jungle out there basically, with so many places to get caught up, tangled, lost, confused and downtrodden! And this is why I choose!

OK, Bad attempt at being clever there (you know, Jungle-Amazon – in case you missed it 😉 ), but seriously – if you are either new to the world of making money online, or you are struggling to make cents from the chaos (that attempt worked!) then the Amazon Associates program may very well be the answer you are looking for.

You Need to Learn How To Scuba Dive Before you Can Walk

Amazon Associates make money for and from Scuba diving

When you first get started trying to make money online, you dive head first into a world of SEO , List building, Blogging, Networking, and Affiliate Marketing – and soon you find what works best for you, at which point you proceed to devour the information presented.

The one thing ‘they’ constantly shout at you though is how important it is to build a following, develop a brand, or promote a persona. Whether you use a Blog or a list is up to you, (they say) but without having established some sort of online credibility you are shooting yourself in the affiliate marketing foot.

Basically they are telling you that you need to learn how to crawl before you can walk, and I guess to a certain point this is true.

But then there is Amazon and Niche Sites.

When you build a niche site and monetize it with Amazon products you are creating a portal for those already looking for that physical product to go through and buy. During this exchange you are probably asleep or something, or at the very least, oblivious and on the other side of the country (or world). The Visitor did not need to know who you are because they know who Amazon is.

And Unlike the Digital Products world (read Clickbank) your visitor was also not debating as to whether this new ‘system’ or ‘push button software’ or ‘E-Course’ or ‘Video Series and Ebook’ would be right for them at this point because they were not searching for help on a topic or the answer to a question. They were looking for a new Scuba Tank! You Provided it, they bought it.

End of story.

Start Making Money with Amazon Niche Sites and you can stop worrying about the lesser details of mobility and just jump straight into the deep end! (Scuba Tank optional)

Yes, But Why

To put it simply: Conversion!

Amazon offer no more than 8% to their affiliates (or associates as they like to call us) and this seems to deter most people. Fine with me I say, less competition – but realistically, it is not the percentage of the sale that you should be worrying about.

I have Adsense sites that get more than double the traffic of some Amazon sites, but the sites monetized with Amazon still make more. This could come down to my inability to place contextual ads in the right place, or perhaps the niche is not right for click throughs, but regardless of the variables, consistently manages to convert more visitors into ‘clickers’ and then into buyers.

I sell digital products through ClickBank and other related networks and although the percentage I receive for each sale is more than 50%! the amount of traffic needed before I convert a sale (the percentage) makes that 8% offered from Amazon begin to look quite good.

I’d do a chart but I suck at maths, and I am sure you get the picture.

Building Trust

Trust is a HUGE factor in selling, and Amazon have spent Billions of dollars establishing exactly that. If you have heard of the internet then chances are you have heard of, and if you have heard of them, well – then regardless of whether you have purchased from them before or not, subconsiously you already trust them.

When a visitor comes to any of my Amazon sites looking to buy and they see the familiar Amazon logo and product image and description they instantly feel secure. There is none of this “hmmm, yes I am looking to buy, but not really sure who you are or where this shopping cart link is going to take me, think I’ll keep searching…”

People are looking for a deal, but more importantly they want to feel comfortable about it. Give them both and you are almost guaranteeing the sale everytime!

Upsell, Upsell, Upsell

The Digital Product Playground is all about the Upsell. Whether you start with some free PLR (private label rights)product and then hit them with the OTO (one time offer) of a paid product, or you offer them the paid product and then get their opt-in on the exit attempt – it’s all about the upsell!

So long as the visitors are targeted and the offer is timely and/or relevant you are in a great position to make more money from the sale – and fair enough, but Amazon have taken upsell to a whole new level, and they have brought their associates along for the ride too!

Promote a Bike, Sell a Blender.

When a visitor comes to through your Affiliate link, anything they purchase that day will be credited to you. ANYTHING.

This originally made me excited because I knew that Amazon always suggested other items that ‘you might also like’ as well as promoting the extras that came with whatever it happens to be.
And it was true! I watched it happen time and time again, Amazon really was king of the upsell because of their brilliant site marketing/product placement and the trust they had established in the online market.

But what I soon discovered was just how powerful that trust was!

The first time I sold a $500 Plasma TV was the most excited/confused I think I have been, because that was the most expensive item I had sold to date as an associate, and I did not even have a TV related site – nor was I promoting anything even slightly related on any of my existing sites.

What happens with customers who land on the pages of Amazon is they feel comfortable and relaxed. They know Amazon, they feel safe here, so even though they came from Google, via your site  just to buy a new bike, they realise whilst they are here that they also need a new Blender.

“May as well just buy it now and save on postage whilst I’m here. Oh, Sale on lawnmowers!?! I was thinking of getting a new one actually. “

They Sell Everything!

If you have not already picked up from the random product examples I have given, Amazon sell pretty much everything you can think of. If it is available in a department store and/or used by more than 5 people in the world then chances are it (or something like it) is available through Amazon.

What this means is that you can pick almost any niche/topic/hobby/product you like and you can bet that there is something relevant you can sell. Not only that, there is usually a large variety of colour/style/size etc that you can get that item in, meaning there is more content to rank for, and more items to profit from.


Amazon are by far the best company to get involved with if you are looking to get started in affiliate marketing and making money online.

Half the battle with making money today is conversion, and since Amazon have already won this one for you, it means you can focus on building sites and getting targeted traffic to it.

  • Easy to Convert visitors into Buyers
  • Easy to Join and Promote
  • They Sell Everything
  • King of the Upsell (and side sell and everything else sell!)
  • You are paid for EVERY purchases they make through your associates ID.
  • People Know and TRUST them


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