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by Alex on May 27, 2010

battle axe style blog commenting

This is just a quick post to talk about how to generate traffic to your blog and it relates to the method that I have used to go from an average of 20 visits a day (I’m still quite new) to receiving over 500 unique visitors in a 24 hour period! The secret is not really a secret at all, but it is the reason that so many new personalities in the blogosphere fail.

Blog Commenting!

The reason so many new Bloggers fail is because this method requires you to be consistent, read a lot, be willing to learn, and most importantly – to have a personality!!!  This is where most new bloggers fail miserably. They are so interested in ‘making money’ that the idea of providing value, building relationships, and being a part of a growing community is second rate to ‘selling you someone else’s shit’! That’s the funny part too. These people are ruining any chance they have for their own brand to perpetuate because they are busy annoying you with an offer FROM SOMEONE ELSE!

How to create your own BattleAxe.GO into battle with your blog!

A Battle Axe , according to Wikipedia is an axe designed specifically for use in battle, and for the purposes of this post, that is quite a fitting meaning, but the beauty of this title is that I am not talking about a weapon of medieval warfare at all. I am talking about the other kind of battleaxe, the kind that exists in a neighbourhood near you.

A Battleaxe is a property that exists behind another. The term refers to the narrow long driveway being an axe handle and the property itself being the axe blade. I’m not sure if this is solely an English/Australian term, but since we invented the language,(ooooh, fighting words!)  I’m going to use it anyway.

I live in a beautifully leafy part of Sydney, about 45 minutes from the city in the North Shore and every second house on my street is a battleaxe, probably because every property is about 3000m2 in size and so over the years the owners have subdivided and sold off the land toward the back. THIS is the perfefct analogy for growing your blog traffic. Now let me apply and explain!

In order to grow your traffic you need to comment, OK that much makes sense. But how is the comments on another blog going to bring traffic to yours? It’s all in the approach.

OK I’m bringing the battleaxe back into play. –  Most blog commentators will metaphorically ‘camp out the front of your house’ writing comments about how the house looks good, how you have organised your hedges really well, and how he/she likes the system you have employed to get your milk delivered. This is all well and good, but the owner of the house is sooner or later going to ask you to leave. Your camped out the front and quite frankly it’s annoying.

Now let’s create our own battleaxe and then start commenting. The house owner is now getting comments about how impressive the hedges are in the front and the back. Now that you are in the battleaxe you can see the house from many different angles, so your comments and feedback will hold merit, they will be valued. Who knows, maybe you saw a suspicious character hanging around out the back, you can alert the house owner to this, as well as maybe providing some insight into some new fan dangled security measure he or she could employ to better protect their assets.

The house owner respects you. You have taken the time to understand their ‘property’ and your feedback is encouraging, based on knowledgeable information, and is relevant to their situation. Not only is the owner of the house in front of you going to appreciate and respect your opinion,  there is also a good chance that they will come and ‘pop over to yours for a coffee’. If they like the coffee they will probably tell their friends about it.

The Snowball effectAnd thus begins the amazing power of blog commenting’s snowball effect…

This is what you need to do to make the most of your blog commenting campaign. I’m not going to explain the metaphor, because quite frankly, if you don’t get it – you never will.

Take care my fellow bloggers and go out there and create a battleaxe on all your favourite blogs.

If you are looking for some fantastic properties to build your house behind, check out the Dirty Dozen Blogs that have helped drive the most traffic to me.


After a little trip around the blogosphere I have found a couple of really good references relating the Follow and No Follow tags. Since this relates to what we are talking about here, I thought it best to edit this and add these incredibly valuable links:

My good friend Mike Roosa has written a fantastic post on this, I will be lazy and refer you to that. I think he has succinctly pointed out the important bits so you don’t get overloaded when reading it.

Once you have read that, check out Lee’s post at Search Engine Viking where he has started to compile a list (which is a constant work in progress) of all the Do-Follow blogs he finds (on this note, if you want traffic, add a comment to this post telling him you are a Do-Follow blog and you will be added to the list – AWESOME!)

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