Noone Watching You? How to Get a 1000 More Views on YouTube.

by Alex on February 3, 2011

how to increase youtube video views - more people watching

I can’t remember where I picked this idea up, but like any idea -I am clearly not the first one to have it. I’m certainly not the last though – and in the world of online marketing THAT is all that counts :)

Today I want to share just one little tip that will almost, no it WILL guarantee to result in more views on your Youtube videos. It’s that good in fact that I think you should just give me a round of applause right now. That’s a little presumptuous of me I know, but by the time you are done reading this, you will sit back in the warm afterglow of this brilliant tip and think ‘you know, he did deserve a bit of an applause early on‘ and then you will just feel bad about it- so I am only asking for the ovation for your own good. Standing is optional.

How to Get 1000’s more views on YouTube Videos.

I don’t really utilise YouTube like I should. I have posted maybe four or five videos for the sake of SEO and marketing and that is about it. I really should do more considering how powerful YouTube can be but I don’t. Surprising really considering how much I love the sound of my own voice – but anyway…

So I have this video that I did reviewing Unique Article Wizard and to this day I have a total of 247 views on it. Woo yeah! (rolls eyes)

What I want is to get more people looking at it, and here is the way to do it.

Step 1:

Search for the related term in YouTube – in this case it is going to be ‘Article Marketing’

first look for relevant videos with high view counts in youtube

Step 2.

Find related videos that have as many views as you can find and click on them.

the comments thread of related videos will get you more views

Step 3.

Go down to the comments thread and respond to the video…

Posting your YouTube video as a comment response is the secretStep 4.

Create a Video Response with the video you want more views on… (you know, the relevant one we started with)

increase your own video views by posting them hereStep 5.

Cross your fingers and hope the owner of the video approves your video response*
*Since this is a review of a paid product I highly doubt my video will get approved most of the time. This is obviously not the case if you are promoting yourself, your blog, your free product, or Justin Beiber.
Which is why…

Step 6.

Do it again to like 50 videos! It seriously takes about 30 seconds so why not just keep posting them to every related video you can find?!

Step 7.

Dominate the World! – oh no, wrong list  sorry, scratch that one :)

Video Marketing Summary.

I takes a lot of views to get your own videos appearing in the featured area on any page of YouTube, so why not cheat the system a little and get your video ‘featured’ just below instead. The beautiful thing about the video response is that they appear first and foremost – so they literally end up taking up one of the most coveted spots on a page that will be potentially be viewed by thousands more people. I can only speak for myself, but when I search for something on Youtube, the next video is always a related one that I clicked on from that page. Make it yours!

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