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How to Effectively Leverage Your Content to Generate Traffic. | Search Engine Marketing Tactics and SEO Tips

I Have Nothing More to Say. I Repeat…

by Alex on July 30, 2011

how to leverage content to generate website traffic

Today’s post is a double entrendre because even though it’s about backlinks (Happy Backlink Friday!) and how to get the most out of your content, it’s also a fact. Really – I got nothing more to say.

There comes a time in any blog/business/career where you simply need to stop learning and start applying. Finding the balance of course if probably one of the keys to success (don’t ask me – I’m not Seth) but that is not what this post is about. Today I wanted to talk about Leveraging your Content.

Leveraging your Content is a tradition that is as old as time itself. Why long before the internet came along your grandparents where retelling the same stories over and over (and over) again – now that’s leverage!
*On a side note – I invented my own word which I would like to proudly share here: Cleaverage: When a woman uses her boobs to get what she wants. Cleaverage :) )

Why this Topic and Why Now?

Recently I have invested in a lot of courses, tools, pieces of software and other how to manuals (many of them WSO’s) simply because I am sucker for a good deal (I guess) and also because I like to trial and test new tools that come along, especially if they can help automate any part of my business. Anyway, the point is that as a result of all these ‘purchases’  I have been busier than a one armed brick layer in Baghdad – and with all these incredible offers coming out of the woodwork I have also been spending more money than an epileptic at an auction.

Needless to say, the result is a to do list that looks somewhat similar to this:

Information Overload comes from learning too much too quickly

My Backlink Strategy Started looking like this too actually!

It was time to just STOP!

No wait, it was time to START. Taking action that is.

A New Approach to Article Marketing.

The Panda Kung Fu’d the love right out of Unique Article Wizard, and even though my post Panda test showed that UAW and Article Marketing can still be effective, the value of the links I was getting really made the whole process pointless in the end, and as a result I too Kung Fu’d UAW … right out of my life.

Now I need a new plan of attack – and this is something that I have been working on for the last few weeks, testing various methods and trialling a few services to boot, but no matter what method I use one thing has been constant; The Content I have been using is all my own, all rewritten from previously created content. If I was going to make Article Marketing work I was going to need to start leveraging Baby!

Before we even go there though I want to get one thing clear. Leveraging your content is NOT the same as syndicating your content. A better word to use is re-purposing. There are no misconceptions about what this means so always remember: Leverage = Re-purpose!

Leverage Baby… Yeah!

Austin powers loves leveraging content babyIf I was to show you my to do list you would probably shake your head, I know I do …EVERYTIME I LOOK AT THE BLOODY LIST! (sorry) because it’s taken up with at least 7 sites I am trying to rank, and 3 different methods of monetizing, including Amazon, Adsense, CPA, and Affiliate Marketing/List Building… wait, that’s 4!?! Holy crap… I rest my case. Moving on….

The point is I’ve got way too much going on, and if I was to make any headway then I needed to take the hundreds of articles I already had and start giving them new life.

What I want to do now is take you through just one of those articles to show you how I have leveraged it to (hopefully) build a targeted list and therefore increase my overall income from Affiliate Marketing.

I will also list a few basic ideas as to how YOU can leverage the brilliant content that you have sitting in the archives of your blog(s) because honestly it’s not doing anyone any good there!

It’s Steve Scott’s Fault!

This all came about when Steve Scott sent me a copy of his latest product for Review: “Affiliate Marketing, without the B**S***” (not an aff. link) I was so blown away and impressed by the way the course and the content was laid out that I decided to ‘play along’ and start building an entirely new affiliate stream of income using his course as a model. The course is honestly BRILLIANT – so much so that I am ignoring my affiliate link here because Steve deserves all the glory. Don’t get me wrong – when I do a full review of the course I will undoubtedly add my aff link then (insert evil laugh) but for now the point is not how good the course is but that it motivated me (and gave me tips on how to) leverage some of my best content to generate even more online income. So here goes…

  • It all Started with a Post.

A Backlink Friday Post in fact. This one to be precise: Welcome to Backlink Friday. How’s about some luv .gov?

I realised I had created a very effective and succinct video/post on how to find .edu and .gov blog pages to post comments on. It was simple, effective and most importantly – it worked.

  • So I turned it into an ebook:

Authority Backlink Profits (right click to download)

  • Then I created an awesome (not!) ecover for the book. Hey I did it in like 5 minutes so gimme a break!
  • Now I just Needed a Squeeze Page…

Building a Squeeze Page (and Why I Love Profits Theme)

So I built a squeeze page on an old ‘play’ site of mine, after installing the only theme that was going to make the process as easy as possible for me – Profits Theme.

I am no design professional, nor do I have the fine art of sales copy down – but I think if you check out the page it’s not half bad! (?)

Feel free to laugh at the URL – especially when I tell you that I it was registered with delusions of grandeur and an idea that I was going to build my own affiliate network LOL.
*Now that I have been online for a while – I only have delusions of adequacy, so it’s all good. :)


Steve Scott’s course talks about the importance of testing and tracking, (one of the reasons why the course is actually very good and deserves its title)  and as such I will be building a second squeeze page,and third, and so on until I find the one that converts the best for me. I will happily bring you the results of all this experimenting when I have something to actually show you but first I need Traffic.

To Get Traffic I am going to need some quality content based around SEO and link building…. hang on, I got at least 100 articles on AlexWhalley.com on that very subject!

The Power of Repeating Yourself

The Power of repeating yourself (sorry, I had to :) ) can not be understated, I mean let’s quickly recap:

  • Using a single post I have re-purposed the content into an e-book and used it to create an entirely new (potential) income stream. I will then
  • Get Traffic with Article Marketing using the large volume of quality unique content on my blog (rewritten of course)
  • Repurpose the articles into other forms of media so as to increase the power that leveraging this content actually has.

All of this with OUT creating any new content what-so-ever. Now that’s Clever(age)

5 Uber Effective Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content.

how to effectively leverage your content to generate traffic

Let’s quickly look at some of the ways you can re-purpose your content in order to best leverage it across the world wide web. No – let’s look at some of the methods that are actually effective and will generate traffic! (last thing we need is to start getting overwhelmed with information that is not going to help us! – that’s how I ended up here in the first place I think 😉 )

These methods are effective namely because they allow your content to reach an entirely new section of the market – bringing your voice/point of view to the attention of an audience that otherwise would not have heard you – no matter how well you ‘syndicated’ that content of yours.

  • Turn Your Post into a Video – distribute accordingly.
    Most versions of MS-Word come with a PDF Converter built in, if not Google it – they’re free! Anyway: Turn your word doc. (article) into a pdf and then turn on Camtasia (Camstudio is a free version – again Google it -im feeling lazy) and film your screen and record your voice as you simply read the article and go through the pdf page by page.
    With this method you can also turn a single 1000 word post into at least 5 different short videos. (3 minutes is a good timeframe to work with)
  • Turn Your Post into an Audio/Podcast – distribute accordingly.
    Similiar to the Video scenario above but without the image obviously. I recommend hiring someone (Fiverr, Odesk etc) to narrate the article for you. This not only makes it appear more professional, it can also help increase click throughs and conversions, depending on what the niche is and whether you use a male or female voice. (Steve Scott actually had his entire e-course transcribed onto audio/mp3 – a process he outsourced obviously. Either that or Steve Scott is the sexiest sounding guy I have ever heard!)
  • Forum Marketing.
    Simple. Bloody effective! Turn your best content into a forum post that over delivers on value and answers a burning question or provides some clarity on a subject.
    Stick around to continue the conversation/thread.
  • Rewrite as a Guest Post.
    Dare I say it, but if you rewrite that article well enough (see this guide on how I rewrite an article) then why not submit it to relevant blogs in your niche as a guest post!*
    A guest post on a relevant and active blog is more powerful than you think, especially post panda.
  • Web2.0 and Blogs.
    Turn your post into an epic Squidoo Lens, complete with images and relevant links. (Squidoo community loves this shit – so give them what they want and you will be rewarded)
    Alternatively – break that article into a a number of posts and create a blogger blog or equivalent.

All of these methods outlined WILL bring you more traffic and ultimately increase your search engine rankings. More importantly ALL of these methods can be outsourced for a relatively low cost. The trick is creating a system in the first place. If you can’t work out exactly what you are doing with each process then how can you possibly hope to hand that task over to someone else?!

Marketing Takeaway.

You have already created some of the best content you will ever create (sorry) and at the moment most of it is sitting in your blog archive gathering pixels (LOL – oh I like that one). The Internet is a MASSIVE place and the more forms of media you can partake in, the more chance you have of reaching a global audience. Now put the two and two together.

  • Find your best content
  • Figure out the easiest way to re-purpose it into other forms of media.
  • Get a process or system of ‘how you do it’ worked out
  • Outsource that process to someone else.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will go into detail how I have used/will use the above 5 methods to generate traffic – as well as bringing you real results!

Relevant Reading:

I recently contributed an epic post on Article Marketing and Longtail keyword Traffic to ThinkTraffic.net. The post fits very nicely with this one as it outlines the exact content methods I use to actually create the good content in the first place. The key takeaway from this article is that Longtail traffic and longtail keywords are NOT the same thing. Go check it out and tell me what you think.
* I submitted the post with the Title: How to Get Traffic and Build Rank – The Write Way’ But Corbett changed it. Sheeesh – I thought that was a wicked title! No respect I tells ya 😉

Your Thoughts?

Wow! 2055 words!! (I’m back baby! LOL)
Let me know how much this article sucks/ how awesome it is in the comments thread below. :)

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