The Bluebird and the Cannibal Goldfish. A love story.

by Alex on October 17, 2010

twitter tips, angry fish and Google traffic - a random guide

It’s time for some randomness from the Keyword Blogger! I love random, and although there are a number of posts in the back burner as we speak ready to get all serious on you and talk link building strategies and other insanely exciting topics – I felt that first I needed to just ramble. I’m good at rambling. I reckon I am going to be the most irritating octogenarian in history, why I’ve already started saving all my 5 cent pieces – because that’s how I’ll be paying for EVERYTHING! So then…

I bought a fishtank!

It is a 40L tank, which is about the size of a microwave in normal human talk – and it’s awesome! We bought three Goldfish and one black fish with Googely eyes. He’s always searching for things in the tank, which I refer to as ‘indexing’. I named him Google :)
We have a striped goldfish who does the same thing as Google. I wanted to call him Yahoo! but my wife told me to

“Keep your stupid internet out of Harrison’s fishtank”

That’s fair enough too I guess. She called him Dart. Turned out we should have called him Dr. Lecter or something because last week he ATE one of the other fish!?!? (WTF)

How I lost 200Lbs Blogging!

And that would totally be the title of my next post if I was A: even close to 200Lbs, and B: wasn’t selling my treadmill. But I am – want to buy it?
A lot can be said for the power of personality in your posts, but I’m not sure the same can be said for sales copy. See for yourself what happens when I get told to sell the wife’s treadmill, and am them left unsupervised! I can almost guarantee you won’t want to buy the thing, but there’s a good chance you’ll burn a few callories laughing :)

My Treadmill Ad on eBay

fuck google, ask me for traffic tips

I want this shirt!

Google can be my Guest.

I’ve contributed two awesome articles to fellow bloggers this week for publication, which both had Google in the title. Ummm – not intentional, but then it’s not like Google isn’t kind of like some kind of big company – you know, like. Here they are in all their glory, click ’em if the title appeals to you, otherwise – please continue to move along the carriage to allow others to enter, thanks.

Twee Twerwific Twitter Twipstweety's twitter tips for traffic

Bring old posts back to life!

I installed a plugin called Tweet Old Posts recently and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Tech wise I simply installed it and that was it. The funny thing is that I forgot I installed it, so when I asked a follower how they came about an old post of mine, they LOL’s at me and said they simply RT’d my tweet. “Oh yeah, that’s right – I installed that plug-in d’uh”

Since installing this plugin I have noticed a huge increase in the number of comments to older posts, as well as a massive increase in the overall RT count of all posts. You want more traffic – install this plugin, simple really.

Increase your Twitter Presence

Again I’ll get straight to the point. I outlined in this post How to get more Targeted Twitter Traffic how I follow those who are following big names in my niche, but an even more targeted trick involves guest blogging. Guest blogging in itself is a very powerful way to get traffic and spread your brand – I am living proof ( I keep telling myself anyway) but one way to leverage this is with Twitter.

If you guest post on a blog and then follow those following the blog owner, you will get a much more response follow back rate, as well as more active and responsive followers. I won’t explain why or how this works because it should make perfect sense.

Stand out from the Twerps

standing out on TwitterReTweeting is awesome and should be encouraged. I’d Tweet that – but i…anyway the thing is, everyone does it – all the time, so to stand out you need to make an impression, and what better way than be adding value at the same time. When you hit the RT button you get an editable pop up window. Edit it!
I always make an effort (OK not always) to edit the ReTweet so that it contains something of value that pertains to the post. Sometimes I will be (try to be)funny, other times I will simply rewrite the entire Tweet to say what I felt the post was about – either way, so long as you see the @theperson in the RT they will see it, and if they happen to be looking, I guarantee you will get a reply 😉

I’ll be back in a few days with another update – and then it’s back to link building. Yay! Fun fun (groans)

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